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Van Gogh painted "bedroom" furniture may be hiding in Holland Chinese cultural network compile reports: Recently, art historians say a representative for Holland post impressionist painter Vincent? Van Gogh (Vincent van Gogh) 1888 classic paintings "bedroom" (The Bedroom) and the small bed is famous all over the world today may still be hiding in Holland. The town’s residence or somewhere in the attic. As a dedicated search and tracking of precious historical furniture enthusiasts, the British expert Van Gogh Martin? Bailey (Martin Bailey) said that Van Gogh in southern France, the beautiful scenery of the city of Arles (Arles) who slept in a small bed in the Second World War and placed in the box Mel in Holland (Boxmeer) somewhere in the house. It is reported that, according to the 1937 Van Gogh Bailey found cousin Vincent? William (Vincent Willem) the contents of the letter writing is the conclusion of A. In this letter, William wrote that he still had a small bed used by Van Gogh. Bailey in an interview with Holland public broadcaster NOS said: "this is a description of the small bed to escape war key letters in Holland, really make my eyes bright, even Van Gogh researchers do not know the relevant news." Subsequently, Bailey contacted Van Gogh cousin’s son John? Van Gogh (Johan van Gogh). "To my surprise, he still remembers the bed." John is 94 years old? Van Gogh said, until 1945, the precious little bed still placed in his father in laren (Laren) in the home, then as a part of the donation, is transported to the south about 120 kilometers distance (about 75 miles) at Boakes Mel, aims to help the property lost in the war in dutch. In a colleague’s help, Bailey found that this piece of furniture from the donation to the Boakes Mel McClaren truck profile picture. Bailey said: "this is the last piece of the history of the Van Gogh small bed puzzle, there is no doubt that it eventually arrived at the Boakes Mel. Of course, the interesting question is, where is it now?" He admitted that the bed might have been thrown away in the years. It is understood that the famous artist Van Gogh painted three versions of the bedroom painting. The current version 1888 for the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum (Van Gogh Museum) the collection of treasures, and the other two pieces of paintings in 1889 in the United States Chicago Institute of the Arts (Art Institute of Chicago) and Paris (Musee D France Orsay Museum ‘Orsay) for public display. For the discovery of Bailey, the Van Gogh Museum in an NOS radio interview, said: "if you really find this piece of precious little bed, it will be a very interesting thing, we will pay close attention to the whole Lu相关的主题文章: