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UPS to carry out drone freight test, really want to grab the cake and Amazon? – tech Sohu in May this year, UPS announced a partnership with the UAV medical supplies distribution company Zipline, plans to use the freight rate is 20 times of the UAV land in Rwanda, with a population of eleven million air medical supplies. In this process, the robot doctor can in a very short period of time, the blood and vaccine delivery to the infusion center. And recently, UPS and another start-up unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturing company CyPhy Works cooperation, it seems to really want to enter the UAV UAV industry strong. On Thursday, in order to test the feasibility of the UAV express, CyPhy PARC (in eight minutes of flight three miles) from Massachusetts, Beverly flew to Children’s Island, this is the first time the freight company leading UAV freight test. In this simulation scenario, the UAV they will be an asthma inhaler successfully sent to the island in a child’s hand, this is the ordinary car can not do. Mark, UPS, senior vice president of global engineering and sustainable development, said: "we want to benefit the majority of unmanned aerial vehicles to consumers." CyPhy Works CTO and founder Helen Greiner in an interview with the Reuters also said: "the drug shortage under the condition that the UAV can with the highest efficiency of the supplies to remote areas and poor road conditions." At the same time, Greiner also believes that UPS’s UAV cargo test allows CyPhy Works can collect a lot of valuable engineering and cost related information. Next, they will continue to work closely with UPS, trying to use unmanned aerial vehicles to achieve greater value-added UPS transport network. However, CyPhy Works does not believe that in a short period of time, unmanned aerial vehicles can replace the current freight in the process of playing an important role in trucks, bicycles, small motor vehicles and cargo ships. The UAV will not replace all freight existing, but in remote areas and the complicated surface conditions, if the user is very eager to receive the goods, the UAV has its outstanding advantage, after all, relatively fast." Greiner said. Even in the test on Thursday, UPS CyPhy and Works jointly achieved great success, but their big boss of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is not so easily let UAV freight development into a fully mature business system. You know, last month, FAA ban UAV in flight above the crowd, and the new rules in the process of flight, the UAV flying hand cannot leave sight, this will let them UAV completely lost a commercial cargo plan. There are policies, there are countermeasures. Mark Wallace said UPS hopes to convince the FAA, allowing them to approve the UAV cargo test, and eventually the case of unmanned aerial vehicles into emergency L相关的主题文章: