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U19 youth tournament in Yunnan in   the national youth quality turf – Sports – foot home court awkward people.com.cn original title: National Youth high-quality turf make foot home court embarrassing last night, Chinese U19 youth team tournament second round and visiting Kazakhstan in four international youth jointly dedicated to a wonderful game. Both good tactics play also benefited from the culture of Qujing City Sports Park Stadium turf quality. Is worth pondering that, until last night, Chinese Football Association has not yet determined by Xi’an city or by other candidates to host the 12 strong match city October 6th Orangemen and Syria, this is because the original plan for Syria in Xi’an City Stadium turf race Suzaku in poor condition. Qujing and Xi’an two division site in such a strong contrast to the deep, I do not know whether this country foot home court dystocia free "Chinese FA to some enlightenment? Qujing International Youth Football Tournament yesterday for the second round of the competition, and run the breeze with good site conditions for all China including the U19 youth team host, 4 teams in the competition more than getting a good football and enjoy. Experts at the scene watching China football Youth Football Committee and some industry insiders unanimously issued praise, "the Qujing venue is really good." At the scene, reporters came to interview some of the venues in Qujing especially the turf quality was full of praise, to know that two days ago there was a dangerous situation, the first round of China youth team and Iran team is in the heavy rain, but the rain in addition to the wet grass, to speed up the ball, and no the confrontation between the two sides wonderful discounts, the water situation of the site is not enough to hinder the normal game. "Why can’t we play in the top 12 in Qujing?" A scene football community issued such a sigh. In fact, Qujing has also been listed in the 11 bid for the country’s top 12 home games in the city, but by geography, transportation and other conditions, Qujing unfortunately missed the election. Refer to the Qujing division of the site conditions, mainly because of a recent period of time, the football association is Chinese for the Orangemen 12 game of the second home court hosted the "difficult" things to worry about, through strict bid procedures, Xi’an had become the host of October 6th talent shows itself national football game with the Syria team, but the football association was informed that recently China the status, turf quality competition venues in Xi’an city to undertake the Suzaku stadium field is very bad, the current situation, has been difficult to meet the needs of the game at the beginning of October. On Thursday, also is the national football home court game with Iran team after two days, the working group composed of Chinese football competition department director Qi Jun, Chinese director Liu Dianqiu, general manager of tube Ford Dong Zheng, made a special trip to Xi’an to study. Although the Qi army had told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, said, "no change in Syria competition held home court plan", but the desire in the face of reality seems feeble, the status quo of Xi’an division venue design plan based on Chinese has to deal with the Football Association, Zhu bird Stadium turf once can not be reached, then the He Long stadium and Changsha Wuhan Sports Center Stadium will become the first time, second)相关的主题文章: