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College-University As you get ready for your higher education in Australia, preparing documentation required for studying abroad and moving to another country often takes a priority. As such looking for a suitable student ac.modation for yourself would probably the last thing on your mind. However, it is an important thing to consider before you move to Australia. It is only when you have a .fortable place to live that you can take full advantage of your time at the university. You can start by making a list of requirements such as whether you want to stay separately or with roommates, if you need furnished apartment, budget, and so on. Once you know what you are looking for, itll be easier for you to search for a student ac.modation that matches your criteria. There are several types of ac.modations available in every major city of Australia, right from student hostels to independent student housing. Some of the ac.modations that you can consider include: Student apartments: Most cities in Australia have a wide range of student apartments, you can look for some these closer to your campus. These are either studio or one bedroom apartments and are also available on sharing basis. These are usually fully furnished having a fully functional shared kitchen, private bathroom and living area, which is again shared. In case you plan to share the apartment, you will need to talk about the expenses and household chores with your roommates. The approximate range of rent to be paid for student apartments .es out to be $150 to $300 per week, which is quite high, so check your budget before looking for these apartments. Student hostels: Student hostels are a great choice, especially if you are new to Australia. It is a great place to meet other students studying in Australia and get to know the environment here. Hostels usually provide single rooms having shared amenities such as kitchen, recreational room and bathroom. Some hostels may also offer double or triple rooms, where you can have some form of independent living, although the rules of the place are governed by hostel authorities. Hostels are usually scattered about the cities and may or may not be close to your campus. This is because these are not exclusively meant for students and may also have foreign residents working in Australia. As such, you can look for hostels around the area of your campus. The charges are between $130 and $200 per week, which is much cheaper than other student housing options. Private rentals: These are independent homes leased out to students by the landlords. It is usually located separately, where youll be renting an entire house rather than a single room. It is a more affordable option, if you research enough you can get a good place at a reasonable rate. It is the best way of living independently and very convenient if you have lived away from home before. In case your budget doesnt allow it and you still want to have this living arrangement, then you can think about sharing the house with other students. Though living with others may be slightly challenging, once things are settled, it can be the best living arrangement you can get. The rent .es to be about $80 to $250, which is cheaper considering that its independent living. Residential colleges: This is a good option, especially if you are a foreign student .ing to Australia for the first time. These are generally fully furnished single rooms with every facility including meals, basic furniture, wardrobe and telephone. Colleges also provide access to other amenities normally required by students. These include sports facilities, library, internet, music rooms and other recreational or educational facilities. Some also provide laundry services and access to tutors. However, in case you plan to stay at a residential college, you must send your applications at least six months in advance. The cost of staying is estimated at $250 to $250 per week, which looks expensive initially but considering the amenities provided, its quite reasonable. Student housing program: Managed by Housing SA, affordable student ac.modation is provided under this program. These may be single or shared ac.modations usually close to shops, public transport and other useful services. The ac.modations are again for independent living and have amenities such as kitchen, bathroom and maintenance arrangement. The lease period is of up to 12 months. If you can present special request to the program manager, permanent arrangement can be made. Private boarding/ Homestay lodging: In this arrangement you can stay with a family, a single person or maybe a couple. This type of arrangement includes a well furnished room along with meals and utilities such as water, gas and electricity. This is also a good way of knowing more about Australia by staying with the native residents. These are the type of ac.modations you will generally .e across while doing your research. You can easily choose any of these arrangements and then go on with further research. For instance, if you would like to stay in a hostel, you can narrow down your search and look only for hostels near your campus. However, be ready to look for alternatives as the area may or may not have hostels. You can also look through the internet for more information on the type of ac.modation you would like to live in. Its best to start looking for an ac.modation at least 2-3 months before you are scheduled to arrive in Australia. Also, watch out for scammers, especially if you are foreign students. Always ensure that everything discussed between you and the landlord is put on paper. Though staying with friends looks like a good option, you can only concentrate on studying if you have a stable place to stay. 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