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Tuesday: Nantes SMG 023 game more concentrated undefeated home court Tuesday 023 League Cup Promotion Law of Nantes VS 2016-10-26 03:00 weather: Sunny angers 15° Venue: Nantes stadium status: 116 JCDecaux French League Cup final, the two teams in the League Cup emphasis are general, after all they are from the property to avoid relegation, also do not have too much energy to cope with the cup in Nantes last year in the Carling Cup final exit is 116. Nantes recently in the league in the state maintained a good weekend, they give Ryan in the home court for the lost, their old rivals could not continue winning is also normal, because he is too aware of them, but also the team this weekend against the current championship at the top of the nice. League Cup this season is the team in the previous year to enter the 14 finals, was eventually eliminated in Lille, Nantes has such a law, that is, in their home Cup tournament will not lose. But from the strength, they are not significantly ahead of Angers angers, even better than they. The current situation: angers has 3 consecutive angers games unbeaten, the team state kept quite good, recently the team on the road also make a difference, the last 3 away games to win the next 2 games. Look at the team in the League Cup results, really not how, last season they also in 116 finals out before a season, even in the final 132 had quit, the overall feeling angers the degree of attention to this event quite generally, even worse than the French cup. This weekend they also encounter enemies to fight, just get rid of Lyon Guingamp, according to angers character, they still need to score in the league. Record: the last 10 games against Nantes, won 4 wins 2 flat 4 negative, and angers tie, Nantes last season 2 games unbeaten 1 wins 1 flat. SMG recommended: the field of both the game is not high, Nantes has the home court advantage should not lose, this is their last few seasons traditionally recommended Nantes unbeaten, scoring a total of about 1,2.相关的主题文章: