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A | Tucao Apple conference embarrassed me in making technology – Sohu in the taste of a year than a year difference set (provided by Apple’s acquisition of Beats company’s B1 online music to play) after the end of the iPhone 7 conference begins. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Pharrell Williams music comedian James Corden sitting in the car, three people playing Cara OK carpool. I would never smile just cook, in order to cater to this pre recorded short story, and mouth laugh and then twist the body, revealing the embarrassment to the screen…… This is not the most embarrassing scene. In iPhone 7 officially released a long time ago, there have been rumors on the Internet, said Apple wants to cancel the new phone 3.5mm audio interface. Apple’s SVP Phil Schiller is also at the press conference to explain three reasons why not put 3.5mm on the mobile phone: 1) 2) we deserve our brave 3.5mm such a powerful mobile phone 3) we think 3.5mm is already out of date for the headset so let us first look at the new version of the wired headset has just launched Apple: the difference only with the original apple headset is switched from 3.5mm to Lightning, the price has not changed, is still 228 yuan. Considering the design, listening to music and charging can not be done at the same time, this is a bit awkward…… Rely on accessories to make money, which is apple has been routine. For those who want to listen to music and charging friends, Apple has long wanted a good way — please buy the following parts: used Apple headset and Lightning data line friends may know, these two kind of wire rod quality is very worrying, has almost become a fruit powder "supplies". Who hasn’t used two or three apple headphones? Millet released more than and 30 dollars Lightning data line who did not echocardiography? However, this new Lightning headphone line, and not too convincing…… Enough wired headphones? Apple still trick: wireless headset Airpods! I do not know how the reader to see the design of the first impression, the most direct feeling is: it is too easy to lose it? Generally speaking, as long as it is not a high-end headphones, we are on the headset is more casual attitude, when you do not have to plug in the bag or throw a side – Airpods you have to be careful not to lose it. Users of this design is not very impressed: perhaps Apple should launch a Find my Airpod function: the former Wall Street Journal reporter, is now Re code co-founder Walt Mossberg said the famous science and technology review, Apple Corp founding note相关的主题文章: