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Trump was elected president, and these countries panic about six months ago, a lot of people are asking, even if Trump can win the Republican nomination, can really win the election? Now the facts tell you! The political critics of the "dangerous, irrational, terrible and irresponsible catastrophic characters" really choose the president of the United states. The. From trade to nuclear non-proliferation policy, Trump’s election so that some countries "Piss". Japan’s Trump election is Japan’s most reluctant to see results. Earlier, the Japanese official and mainstream media are all the hopes pinned on Hilary, the caliber are basically the same – Hilary was elected probability greater than Trump, which is like "American elected to Japan’s Christmas gift". Andouble is betting on Hilary but the Japanese hold the wrong leg, Hilary let the Japanese people down. Since June 2015 announced the election of the president of the United States, vowed to let the United States once again strong, Trump on several occasions, published on many occasions the criticism of Japan: Abe from Japan is a killer of the U.S. economy. He has released the yen from hell, which makes it impossible for the United States to compete with japan. Andouble always gave a banquet in honor of Caroline · Kennedy (United States Ambassador), and then tease our country, everything I see in the eye. – Trump, who was in Losangeles two weeks ago, I was in, and I saw a lot of ships from Japan. They were always carrying thousands of cars. What have we given them? We give them beef, but they don’t want it. It’s not fair." And threatened to significantly raise the Japanese car tariffs as a means of retaliation". Trump said, if Japan continues to maintain tariffs, on its way to treat his body. Think of the Nebraska beef 38% tariff would also impose 38% of Japanese cars sold in the United states. Simple but again. In August 4, 2015, Trump starred in MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" television said one of my friends told me that he bought Komatsu (Komatsu Japanese engineering machinery manufacturers in the United States, there are 6 factories) tractor is because of the depreciation of the yen, the United States cannot compete against Japan in price. The depreciation of the yen, so that the United States can not compete. In September 3, 2015, Trump received the "economist" magazine interview, said Trump also expressed dissatisfaction with the Japan US security treaty, "the Japanese attack, the United States must help Japan; while the United States was attacked, Japan is not necessary to help the United States, this is not fair." In March 21, 2016, Trump in answer to the U.S. military said the editorial topic Washington Post asked, "why not Japan 100% burden of U.S. military expenses? US troops in Japan have no interest in the United states." Japan, Okinawa and the United States Marine Corps Air base site map Trump also said, frankly, should let the Japanese themselves to protect themselves, perhaps they (Japan) will soon destroy them (North Korea)." "It is recommended that the Japanese nuclear power, and the United States withdraw from Japan", "if Japan can be better?相关的主题文章: