Trump or TPP will be shelved a Eurasian trade protection nightmare – Beijing

Trump or TPP trade protection has become a nightmare – on the Eurasian Beijing [Global Times reported] although the United States presidential election dust has settled, but President elect Trump to the world of suspense is far from solved. "He is unknown, so unpredictable." Russian experts such evaluation. The White House recently confirmed that, as a first step to subvert the old policy of Obama, Trump or the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" (TPP) on the shelf. Further clarification of US President Obama’s decision to abandon TPP through the remainder of his term. The White House confirmed on Friday that the fate of TPP will be handed over to the next president, Trump and Republican lawmakers. White House officials also said that Obama will be in a week after the informal meeting of APEC leaders in Peru to the other 11 signed the agreement to explain the national leaders. And another important FTA – cross the Atlantic trade and investment partnership agreement (TTIP) negotiations outlook is uncertain. EU Trade Commissioner Mar James Thrun 11 in Brussels, said: I think we should be realistic, before the did not have a view of the TTIP, so we do not know what he is thinking. We can only wait. But I think, for a long time, especially in the United States waiting for the establishment of a new government in this period of time, TTIP will be frozen." TTIP began negotiations since 2013, the original plan to be completed before Obama’s departure. In June, Trump claimed that Belgium was only a village." Juncker, President of the European Commission, said in a statement on Friday, "we should let President Trump know what is Europe.". We may have lost two years, until Trump, who is not familiar with the geography of the earth around the week." "The world economy is facing a" Trump effect "," the German "Der Spiegel" magazine said 13 days, the United States will take the risk of protectionist policies, trade partners – the United States Chinese, Mexico, the euro zone, must be ready for unfair behavior. Trump’s economic adviser, Judi, 11, told reporters on the evening of the evening of Bloomberg interview reiterated that China will be included in the exchange rate manipulation countries, said the devaluation of the currency in order to achieve a trade surplus is a kind of trick to deceive the people of the world, the Chinese people’s Republic of China in". But on the 12 day she was immediately ridiculed by the Washington Post as outdated view, in fact, over the past year or so the Chinese government has been using a variety of methods against the pressure of devaluation. Sheldon, 11, told Bloomberg Television Interview, when asked, will be like the election of the president of China, said Trump will be included in the exchange rate manipulator?" She said that Trump is "word", she not only agreed to China manipulator, and Trump agreed to other trade policy, she said: "our workers and our products are competitive, the problem is that some countries rely on devaluation of manufacturing unfair competition, this is a kind of deception". She did not mention the "45% tariff", but said it would use trade barriers to deal with the currency manipulator. "Labeling China as a currency manipulator is an important event that Trump has promised," the Washington Post said on相关的主题文章: