Traditional Chinese medicine DNA barcode species identification system won the national science and

traditional Chinese medicine variety, the name of the complex, there are many drugs only one word, appearance is very similar, but there are big differences in function. Once misused, not only affect the efficacy of drugs, but also easy to produce toxic side effects, causing great harm to the patient’s body. All the time, Chinese herbal medicine discrimination are difficult, even many medicines classification experts also difficult to determine, misuse, counterfeit and other misfortune occurred frequently.

recently held the 2016 annual National Science and Technology Awards Conference, Chinese herbal medicine DNA barcode species identification system project won the national science and technology progress award of two.

It is reported that Wang Laoji

, "DNA barcoding identification system is a research team by Wang Laoji and Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine research institute director Chen Shilin as the core of the joint, through the application of the world’s top DNA identification technology, the realization of Chinese medicine resources information retrieval, query and identification. This technology provides a powerful tool for the Chinese herbal mixture and adulterated industries, it has changed the subject pharmacognostic identification of other disciplines after passive situation, in the identification field at the international leading level frontier.

Chen Shilin introduction, its participation in the research team through the Chinese herbal medicine and its easy to fake the DNA bar code for experimental research, access to the DNA bar code sequence, and the development of a genetic identity card". According to the "gene ID" data, create a Chinese herbal medicine biological DNA barcode identification system, not only break through the traditional identification methods mainly rely on the experience, the morphological and chemical characteristics influence the limit; can also through the Internet and mobile phone multimedia information platform to achieve the login information, query and retrieval of Chinese medicine resources identification.

At present,

, DNA in the identification of herbal medicine has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, the next will be committed to further promotion and application, one or two years is expected to spread. Chen Shilin introduction, at present, the Chinese Pharmacopoeia has introduced herbal DNA identification.