Top Ways To Approach A Woman-sweets parade

I have already written a book on this very topic and let me tell you how vast this topic is. On a first look at the title, one would just say, Who cares about the ways to approach a woman? Why not just go talk to her? Well buddy, you cant just go and talk to her. Thats the saddest part of the story. There is a whole lot going behind the scene and if you go without any prior knowledge of what you are doing, what you are going to get in return is a BIG REJECTION. And you wont like that, trust me. You have to approach her in a certain way she can approve. You have to open her in a way that she will like. Theres an art of how to approach women. In this article, I am going to tell you just about the best ways to approach a woman anywhere, anytime. I am not going to list down some petty openers in here. Rather I am going to inform you the fundamentals of how to approach a woman. Be situationally relevant What do I mean by situationally relevant? You have to match her state and situation. Lets she is reading something in the bookstore and you go in very high energy as you do in a club. Will it work? Never. Lets say she is dancing and you just go in low energy, as you would do in a shopping mall. Will it work? Never. Match her emotional state and situation. Be sexual Some of the people out there think you should always approach without showing any sexual interest. But my experience tells me something else. Women want men as much we men do. So, hiding our interest in them just shows them that we are not man enough. When a man approaches them confidently with full sexual intent, women love it. Be non-pressurizing Now, try to understand what I am trying to say. You have to be sexual when you go in, but dont put any social pressure on her. If you just go in there saying hi, she may .ply. But dont just go in there and greet her with a bear hug, unless you can follow up with something intelligent. If she thinks you are interested in her, she finds it charming. If she finds you a prick, that is not charming, friends. Be fun Women love guys with a sense of intelligent humor, men that can make them laugh. Making them laugh does not mean you have to act silly. Make them laugh with your cocky humor, where they laugh in spite of themselves. Even scientific research has proved that women dig humorous guys because that depicts a good social survival value. Regarding the openers, there is only one opener that you can use anytime, anywhere to approach women Hi or hello. According to the recent research implemented by the members of the Chicago University, it has been found that the most successful opener is always a simple Hi. So, the next time you think about approaching a woman, just recall this small word Hi. But dont forget the .mandments above. Abiding by these will make your Hi stand out from the others when you approach a woman.  相关的主题文章: