Tonight can enjoy Xuanyuan fourteen month wonders


today is the fifteen Lantern Festival, the meteorological department said today the weather was fine, little wind, and the Lantern Festival this year coincides with the "fifteen moon fifteen round, it is suitable for the public to watch the moon. However, yesterday evening, the wind tends to weaken, little wind today. Coincides with the Lantern Festival, many people will choose to set off firecrackers, add festive atmosphere. However, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that today, the city’s air dry, prone to fire, but also poor air quality, mild pollution, not suitable for setting off fireworks and firecrackers. Two days after the light will remain mild pollution, further aggravating the pollution of 14.

‘s strong north wind started to blow on Wednesday, and it had been scraping for three days. Yesterday, the city basically maintained at four or five winds, gusts of about seven. The wind ruffled hair, out for a walk, take a walk at noon were significantly reduced, but also not suitable for long time window ventilation. Many people can not help but ask, when the north wind to blow? When will you be able to quietly open the window ventilation, drying street shoot, drying hair?

BYD reporter learned yesterday, after dark, the wind will gradually weaken. Today coincides with the first lunar month fifteen Lantern Festival, the weather is fine, the wind is not big, and finally can open the window, the window ventilation. But the bad news is that today the pollutant dispersion conditions. As general, six districts of the city and the southern region will be slightly polluted, northern region is two good, plus the air dry, prone to fire, so today is not suitable for fireworks, please try to reduce the discharge of the public.

because the atmosphere is clear and transparent, the moon tonight will be very bright. And 6 this month, just after the moon perigee full moon this year, so the vision is relatively large. In addition, from the beginning of this year, for three consecutive years, the Lantern Festival is the moon of the fifteen round, until 2020 will return to the moon, the sixteen round of fifteen". So tonight will be the best period of time, but the moon, the roundest moon is 8:33 this morning.

in addition, today there will be two astronomical phenomena occur. First of all, today at 6:34 to 10:53 the penumbral lunar eclipse, eclipse is the whole process of the moon did not enter the earth’s umbra, but through the sky in the penumbra. If the weather is good, people will see the eclipse in the short time before sunrise. Tonight will be staged "Xuanyuan fourteen month" wonders. Xuanyuan fourteen Leo is the brightest star, bluish white, about 79.5 light-years from earth. Tonight the moon and Xuanyuan fourteen will run to the same longitude, form a beautiful scene accompanied by the moon and stars, but by the impact of the fourteen full moon light, Xuanyuan will look very dim. Experts suggest that the public would like to observe the best or with a simple binocular telescope.

in the Lantern Festival is approaching, there will be municipal park garden, the spring flowers, pray for the lunar new year, the theme of the exhibition of more than 10 people to greet the Lantern Festival garden activities. At the same time, the Spring Festival is a park landscape and a million chickens;