Tong Dawei Fushun roadshow affectionate singing the theme song was a reminder hurry up the album –

Tong Dawei Fushun roadshow affectionate singing the theme song was a reminder: hurry up the album – Entertainment Sohu Tong Dawei airborne hometown of Fushun opened the national roadshow Tong Dawei Pan Binlong attended the "Grandpa Christina 38" Sohu will meet the entertainment news by Tong Dawei, Michelle Chen, Pan Binlong, Lv Yuncong starred in the comedy film "Grandpa decompression Christina 38" the upcoming November 11th National release. Yesterday (November 7th), Tong Dawei airborne hometown of Fushun to open the national road show, and even run 5 theaters and squares, with the first batch of the film ahead of the audience to meet the point, and funny self, but also released micro-blog to share his hometown food. At the meeting, fans should be asked, Tong Dawei also improvised the singing of the film in the plot, with hundreds of people just finished watching the audience’s theme song of the film, the audience urged to get out of the album". The new Tong Dawei movie "tongue" anchor "sell adorable funny" bursting point play yesterday, for the propaganda film "Grandpa Christina 38", Tong Dawei returned to his hometown in Fushun to open a national roadshow mode, ran a square, four theaters of the meeting, with the home audience intimate interaction, peruse it instantly detonated the scene the three layer, the square was packed. Waiting for the fans to take mobile phone self timer photo, even open the live mode, "Mr. big propaganda delicacy enthusiasts, often at home, ask you to eat Fushun spicy mix!" Day trip to Beijing, Shenyang, Fushun, Tong Dawei reluctantly admitted three, this time too late, and intends to take a few packets of spices back." "After my girlfriend earlier and more", "Hollywood" after the rampage, once again challenge the comedy role, Tong anchor Tong Dawei turned sharp tongued subversion, the film sold adorable skanky all fell, completely turned pit baby artifact". Data show that viewing the whole audience laugh a total of 65 times, more than 60% of the audience that Tong Dawei performing the decompression. On the meeting, the audience praised: "the movie everywhere is bursting point, especially adorable base anchor Tong Dawei yiyanbuge, let the dog go hotline netizen, called the bursting point play!" The audience also said: "the love story" Tong anchor micro-blog, sharp tongued remarks "is simply a decompression tool." Tong Dawei funny scene affectionate self Tong Dawei to sing the theme song to the album the audience to meet the fans, should be strong demand, Tong Dawei also improvised three times a cappella film theme song "Linda", a deep and full voice. Jacky Cheung’s new interpretation of classic love songs "Tong taste", affectionate, unique mature men’s charm, "tongue anchor" turned up a second "Tong good man", let a person feel a slag man began to a mature man change good determination and confidence. This is the movie "Grandpa Christina 38" theme song, let always concentrate on performing Tong Dawei show strength bass voice, it is rare. The scene, fans frequently shouted Tong Dawei to the album!" There are senior fans commented: "the last time Mr. Big album, nine years ago. This time listen to Mr. Big singing is filled with a thousand regrets, this song is appropriate, the lyrics are simple, contains feelings is very rich, the heart of Mr. deduction, to the moment he zhi"相关的主题文章: