Tom Cruise in Guangzhou for only 5 minutes. The fans still crazy I met him! gamelink

Tom Cruise in Guangzhou for only 5 minutes. The fans still crazy: I met him! A man "Jack 2" stills Information Times news Edward Zwick directed by Tom, · · Cruise (Tom Cruise) starring movie "man of crime agent Jack: never look back" (hereinafter referred to as the "2 man" on Jack) will be released simultaneously in October 21st china. Two creative in the recent series of Beijing, Shanghai to do publicity, Tom Cruise to Guangzhou studios yesterday to meet with the audience. Scheduled for 15 minutes before the meeting will be reduced to only 5 minutes. But Tom all mood to greet the fans, the fans were jubilant response before and shook hands with the fans, some female fans shook hands after jumping shouting: "I touched his hand!" Tom Cruise is fighting racing games in the film about love said: "this movie has a lot of action, I love action, but this film I shot jumping scene also hit when air conditioning, really good pain." Finish saying to still looking at director to smile. Like a few years ago the "man" on Jack, the man Tom continue to play on Jack · retscher was set up, in the case of wanted, calm thinking, calm response to the deadlock. He said he was very fond of the character, played the role of the two characters in the story and let him be made one, "I have a lot of play in the film, I love playing bad guys, very fun, racing games is also very enjoyable!" Tom Cruise film director Edward · Chinese reverence; we wake said, this is the second time he and Tom cooperation, one is "the last samurai", two people of this cooperation is very understanding, but two people were interested in the Chinese effort, love China. He also said he did China in "Mission Impossible 3", he said: "I very love in different countries and different cultures into the movie, as a film actor, I have great respect for Chinese film, so I am very happy, everyone can be a world of mutual influence and promote each other, the China trip is unforgettable in my life a wonderful trip." "Jack" in the 2 man on agonistic action stunts, sincere to the meat of the wonderful fighting and other elements have become part of the film’s most attractive audience. In addition to the action film standard, director Edward also prepared a special surprise for the audience, he stressed the importance of emotional elements in action movies and said: "action, emotion and action scenes are equally important, sometimes people make a movie seems to forget the a little, I think even the serious film must also be added to human emotion."相关的主题文章: