To abuse a dog. ! Hongkong will show your name on the singles day-kaya scodelario

To abuse a dog. "! Hongkong to release singles "your name" yesterday (September 29th), Mr. Shinkai’s "your name. "Confirmed the introduction of domestic, a circle of friends went. Just today (September 30th), the new film has officially confirmed the film in Hongkong’s release time is November 11th, the future of Hong Kong and the fans also supervise it does. The new film is announced for Chinese Hongkong and Macao region of the Japanese animation and movie distributors, confirmed the release of the film is not over chop chop hands are singles in November 11th, but the Hongkong people called this day couples, for life. Brother when will arrive, will participate in what specific activities temporarily. But the mother penguin will firmly stick to the brother Cheng reported the latest trends in every act and every move, and gossip for you. Taiwan area Chinese will in October 21st officially released the film. Brother with your name ". "Repeated success, become the animation supervision after Hayao Miyazaki most attention. The box office has broken 11 billion 100 million yen in the Japanese animated film box office ranked sixth, becoming the most popular topic, focus and dubbing actor brother Cheng between Kamiki Ryunosuke’s gossip is of concern to everyone. Click here to download the Tencent animation APP, more popular animation works.