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Travel-and-Leisure A Tirupati trip is always a great experience since a Tirupati darshan purifies your soul and fills it with a sense of spiritualism. The most renowned pilgrim destination in India with countless holy temples and good Tirupati hotels, the town is the true abode of God. By making a Tirupati online booking, you can easily reach this town located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in southern part of India. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the things you can do at Tirupati. Tirupati is a heart-warming, delightful, serene and holy town whose spiritualism is beyond .parison. The town is filled with devotees, sages and foreign tourists and can give you the experience of a lifetime. For a Tirupati darshan, the first place you should head to is the famed Lord Venkateswara Temple. It is the most popular temple in the town and a definite must visit. It goes without saying that crowd can be really unnerving outside the temple and the queue can take an astonishingly lengthy magnitude. The security measures are stringent and you will need to stick to all the regulations. It will also be prudent to not to carry too many belongings and to keep your jewels safe at your Tirupati hotels. Overcrowded temples are frequently haunted by pickpockets and thugs. So, be careful with your belongings and do not carry too much cash. With the packages available under Tirupati online booking, you can make the most of your trip at a very nominal budget. Apart from the Lord Venkateswara temple, there are several other temples that you must visit. After all, your trip will .prise chiefly of paying visits to different deities in different temples. Sri Anjaneyaswami Temple is a popular temple that houses the idol of Lord Hanumana, the monkey God. Festivities are at their full flow inside the temple during the famous festival of Hanuman Jayanti. For having Tirupati darshan, you will need to head to the Tirumala Balaji Temple. It is situated above the hills and can be accessed through horses or palanquins. When you are at temples, then you may not be permitted to take photographs of anything and everything. So, stick to the regulations! Outside the temples, there is the beautiful TTD Gardens which is breezy, alluring and charming. You can spend an entire evening there taking a stroll amongst the green flora and taking as many photographs as you want. The shopping facilities are few since the simple town lacks the glam and glitz of those giant malls which are flooded in metro cities these days. However, there are small shops and stalls where you can purchase objects of daily requirement, souvenirs and even CDs of bhajans and devotional songs. Do not expect the presence of those noisy discos and gambling casinos. Tirupati is a very soulful and spiritual town which focuses chiefly on artistic values instead of glamorous facilities. So, the night life will be simple and quiet. However, you can visit the Asthana Mandapam which is an auditorium that .anizes cultural events. The Tirupati hotels, guest houses, inns and lodges are hygienic and nominally priced. You can book everything in advance under the Tirupati online booking. So, go to Tirupati and experience the other side of life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: