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SEO Google optimization helps in attaining high ranking on Google. Google is the most widely used search engine. It requires a lot to attain higher ranking on Google. There are a variety of techniques for doing so. However there are certain things which you need to bear in mind for Google optimization. These tips are mentioned below in detail: Original content: it is better to include fresh content on your webpage. The content that you include should be cent percent true. It should give out the details in the most precise manner. The content should be informative. Validated code: it is better to include content at the star of the web page. If possible overlook nesting and java script. It is recommended to reduce the text format. This can be done with the aid of external CSS. Easy and handy navigation: it is recommended to not use all those practices which Google does not like. It is advised to place all your navigation either at the left side or on the top of the web page. In case if you have a huge web site then it becomes mandatory to have a site map page. It will help in guiding the user. Add the links at the site map, it will help the user to browse through your website. Superior interlinking of webpage: interlinking of the webpage can be done in two ways. Either your URL can be placed as the link on other relevant sites or other companies URL can be laced on your site. It is essential o interlink only relevant web pages and sites. Related incoming links: Google prefers referred websites, particularly the ones which comes from related resources. There can be endless amount of referral resources. One should bear in mind that one meaningful referral is better than thousands of unmeaning referrals. Domain age and registration period: Google gives better ranking to those domains which are registered with them for a long period of time. It could be for a period of 5- 10 years. This is because Google gets a level of surety with such clients that they will not do SPAM with the domains. All these pointers will help you in Google optimization. With the help of Google optimization you can increase the traffic to your website. It is one of the techniques of online marketing. Every company who wishes to increase the visibility of their website should definitely think of Google optimization as it is one of the leading search engines of the world. There are a number of online marketing companies which can help you with Google optimization. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: