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Legal There are plenty of Utah auto accident attorneys. You see advertisements from some lawyers who say, Call us and well tell you what your claim is worth! That should be a red flag to any potential client that this attorney does not exclusively handle car accident claims. Every claim, every person and every accident is different and unique. The type of treatment you may require or the type of injuries you have will determine the VALUE of your claim. The VALUE is also dictated by time you missed from work or WILL miss as a result of a future surgery. What if you have .plications from that surgery or require additional follow up care? These are all factors that are .pletely impossible to determine over a phone call or one time consultation. An experienced Utah auto accident attorney should also help you with ALL the details of your injury claim. Some Firms will not help you with your property claims because it is time consuming OR because they do not know how to handle property damage claims. An experienced Utah auto accident attorney will take care of everything from dealing with the Insurance adjusters, getting your vehicle repaired; get you the medical attention you need; set up appointments with specialists or surgeons; etc. They should be there to take on all the stress, while you concentrate on getting your life back on track. Knowledge is powerful and sometimes knowing what NOT to do can be more important to your claim. An experienced Utah auto accident attorney will give you the following advice: * DO NOT give a recorded statement: You can give your account of what happened, to the police, insurance adjusters etc. however, there is absolutely no LEGAL requirement that it must be recorded. * DO NOT Sign ANYTHING: we have seen so many people tricked into signing away any future rights for medical treatment, property damage, etc. by very shrewd adjusters, taking advantage of your very vulnerable state at that time. * Get Medical treatment right away: Go to the emergency room if you are experiencing pain, even if it is the next day. You need to document your injury. If you are worried because you do not have any medical insurance, and experienced Utah auto accident attorney will be able to get you the treatment you need and will have doctors they can refer you to who will treat you on a lien. All this means is that you will get the necessary care and the doctor will NOT bill you until your case is settled. William R. Rawlings & Associates are experienced car accident layers in Utah and have helped thousands of accident victims over their 30 years of practice. We also pride ourselves in settling many cases other Firms have dropped because they did not think there was insurance. They simply did not have the experience or knowledge to know where to look or investigate this issue. Let Utah auto accident attorneys help you through this process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: