Tibet road so much you choose which one

must go to Tibet once in his lifetime, which is the ideal of many people. Plateau crossing has infinite appeal, Tibet beautiful scenery all over the place, more suitable for long journey. If you want to challenge Tibet, how to choose the route to prepare

South Sichuan Tibet line: natural landscape Avenue

tip: South Sichuan Tibet line has been hailed as the most beautiful landscape Avenue, the landscape along the most numerous attractions, mountain majestic, Dadu River waves, riding horse of Kangding, photographers paradise Xinduqiao, the world city of Litang, Shangri-La last hair Shuibuya prairie, Aden – Daocheng, Mangkam Xianzi dance, quiet the Ranwu Lake, and bassoon, Niyanghe, each place can make people stay, every rippling dust of the mind. I just hope that all of this will always be so pure, so that we can find a place to indulge in the soul.

this line compared with the Qinghai Tibet line, slightly low altitude, the whole line and running along the river in the canyon, and Benz in the grasslands, sometimes is the disc winding mountain road, the altitude from 2000 meters to 4000 meters, the height difference is large, the scenery is different, in general, the territory of Sichuan road is better. Tibet road is in the Hengduan Mountains of Sanjiang mountain area, the natural barrier of Sichuan Tibet line almost all concentrated in this period, but with all the construction of the tunnel, the road is getting better and better.

is pretty good when it comes to Linzhi. In addition the geological structure of South Sichuan Tibet line of the complex, especially prone to landslides blocked roads during the rainy season, so take this line must take the time to relax the mind to have some margin, so ready.

north of the Sichuan Tibet line: cultural landscape Avenue

tips: select the Sichuan Tibet line most challenging means, along the plateau lakes, snow capped mountains, hot spring clouds, very few tourists involved, is the best line of off-road explorers respected. But also want to understand the mystery of Tibetan culture, Tibetan Buddhism is a good line, you can see the country’s largest Buddhist Institute, the largest printing house, the most intensive Tibetan temples, but the car for the novice, or do not recommend. If you want to take this line to choose the best car.

is the Tibet Sichuan Tibet highway north line, five routes, in addition to Tibet line, a line of the most difficult, because the passenger and freight vehicles are scarce, so this section of the road is relatively poor, and often destroyed by landslides and mudslides, it is best to use high chassis SUV to pass.

along the line and out of Tibet, the best time of the year is May and mid August -10 month. Between May and August is the rainy season, the Sichuan Tibet line due to landslides and landslides frequently, so;