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Tianjin two bus driver drove a grudge on a sentence: has caused the number of passengers were injured, the rule of law, people.com.cn people.com.cn in Beijing in October 14, according to the Tianjin court network news, Tianjin City, two buses collided with a number of passengers were injured. The news, Tianjin bus driver Yang and Lee in retaliation for anger, killing two buses collided, the car passengers were injured. The day before, Tianjin city Jinnan District People’s court to the crime of endangering public safety, and sentenced the defendant Yang, Lee sentenced to imprisonment in three years and six months. Jinnan District People’s Procuratorate accused, April 29, 2016 16 am, Yang accused of driving Tianjin No. AT7790 629 bus pull carrying more than 30 passengers, in Jinnan jin’gu route west eastwards to Tianjin Road on the south side of Xinzhuang Town section in Xinzhuang station, because the defendant Lee driving Tianjin AU7068 No. 652 bus stop illegal the defendant Yang, caused dissatisfaction. After the two accused of driving to Tianjin Road and Xinsheng road junction double parking lights, abuse each other. When the light turned green, the two defendants car move through Xinsheng Road, the defendant Yang in retaliation for anger, force and road, deliberately blocking the defendant Lee vehicles. The defendant Lee rushed, deliberately speeding up, resulting in the 652 bus and 629 bus left the right side of the car collided, causing two damage of different degrees and different degrees of injury of six passengers in the car accident. After the incident, the defendant Yang, Lee was summoned to the public security organ at the next day. The forensic identification, there are three passengers suffered minor injuries to the body of the injury; these two vehicles damaged maintenance costs of RMB 12900 yuan. Defendant Yang, Lee is the unit of Tianjin city bus group second companies to compensate some of the victims of economic losses and reached a settlement agreement. That the prosecution, two defendants for revenge to vent their anger, regardless of the people and property safety, endangering public safety, but no serious consequences, their behavior has violated the "criminal law" provisions of article 114th of the People’s Republic of China, should be endangering public safety in a dangerous way to be held criminally responsible. The court held that the defendant Yang Lee, in retaliation for the anger, regardless of the consequences, to forcibly change lanes, deliberately accelerated, resulting in two buses collided, endangering public safety, no serious consequences, their behavior had constituted the crime of endangering public safety. The prosecutor’s office charged with the crime. Accordingly, according to the provisions of article 114th of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China. (commissioning editor Pan Xuhai and Xiao Hong)相关的主题文章: