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Tiangong two will launch a first real space laboratory China original title: Tiangong two will launch Chinese become the first real space laboratory International Online reported: China Tiangong two space laboratory will be held on September 15th to 20 choose at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre launched. The upcoming launch of Tiangong two, is the first real space laboratory China manned space engineering. According to reports, Tiangong two is equipped with a space atomic clock 14 applied load, and weight loss etc. cardiovascular research space medical laboratory equipment, equipped with maintenance technology verification device, manipulator terminal maintenance test equipment, development of space science and technology test (real) test. After Tiangong two launch, the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft to send astronauts into space, then it will be with the Tiangong two rendezvous and docking, the astronauts entered after Tiangong two, began a series of scientific experiments. Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group Five Tiangong two space laboratory chief designer Zhu Congpeng in an interview said that the Temple No. two, there are three main tasks: "Tiangong two is China’s first space laboratory, its task is mainly middle resides, the astronauts of Shenzhou eleven spacecraft rendezvous and docking, on the 30 day of the Temple two, work and life, this is a medium-term resident task. Second next year to docking with the cargo ship, by adding third propellant in orbit, is to carry out some technical test for future space station, including some maintenance related test." Temple No. two, charged with the task of future space station Chinese verification technology, so this time in orbit design, Tiangong two space lab selected 393 km from earth orbit, this is the future of Chinese space station orbit height. Laboratory of manned space engineering system engineering Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group five deputy director Wang Wei in an interview said: "in fact is the orbit is high, the gas inside the space environment around him becomes thinner, the gas resistance is small, to maintain this level, need less propellant." Internationally, the famous international space station has an average altitude of about 350 km. At present, the famous space station including the Soviet Union launched the construction of the "salute" and "space station Mir space station, and jointly built by the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, Brazil and the European Space Agency’s international space station. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: