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Tiangong two launch feature: in the "China applause moment" – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 16: Tiangong two emission features: in the "Chinese moment" applause Liang Xiaohui Qi Dengfeng Wei Lin can again applause sounded in the Beijing Aerospace Control Center, echoed in the 15 Mid Autumn Festival night. In September 15th, Chinese in Jiuquan satellite launch center in the Long March two F rocket will launch Tiangong two space laboratory. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Zhenhua photo source: xinhuanet.com in this once with Chang, send the China launch Shenzhou flying space flight control "nerve center" the people once again with applause marked human space exploration and a "China moment": Tiangong two launch. "30 minutes to prepare!" 21:34, dispatch sound sounded. The flight control center real-time picture on the screen on the huge hall, launching the last batch of staff are evacuated, the flight control hall tension. At the moment, Communication Command commander, deputy director of the center Li Jian sitting in the hall on the flight control command at the task, his face can not see too much tension. Although the flight control center faces the severe challenge task of long period, new test items, high technical requirements, but the flight control scheme, scientific and complete stable and reliable hardware and software system and a series of key flight control technology breakthrough, gave him enough clout and confidence. Everything is ready for the scene, "Chinese moment". "1 minutes to prepare!" 22 when 03 minutes, the scene of the total scheduling of the voice of the re sounded. "10, 9, 8…… Ignition!" 22 minutes, all the people in the hall to look at the big screen. In the roar, spewing huge red Yan, gushing out of the rocket. Subsequently, the flight is normal, telemetry, tracking normal, found the target!" Report from the different directions of the measurement and control station sounded. The flight control center of scientific and technical personnel on the screen in real time on a computer screen, with the fingertips fast converge in a string of data and information from all sides. In their hands, these data will be transformed into real time state aircraft, such as holding an invisible line, always grasp the pulse of Tiangong two "". Booster separation!" "Rocket one or two stage separation!" "Throw the fairing!" "Arrow separation!" The flight control hall applause rang again and again, the Temple No. two to the space to fly. It is in this moment, the task baton officially passed to Beijing in the hands of the space flight control center. "Normal panels!" 22:16, Temple No. two, such as a solar panel A great hawk spreads its wings open. At this time, in the wall of the room and hall track, track Engineer Zhang Yuzheng quickly calculated the orbit parameters of aircraft, which is "the first great baton handover key. Tiangong two success in orbit, "baton" whether successful handover, all the results of Zhang Yu. The technicians are waiting, and all the people who are concerned about the launch mission are waiting. At 22:22, the total scheduling? The voice came again: "Tiangong two has entered the orbit, solar panels, in normal conditions!" Jerk,)相关的主题文章: