Thriller! Baoding, a residential water pipe outflow as red as blood

Thriller! Baoding, a residential water pipe outflow as red as blood in the afternoon of November 16th, Xiu Lan, who lives in the Garden District of small partners to turn on the tap, are scared. They found that the water in the tap was as red as blood, and it looked dirty. With the network you said if you wake up, turn on the tap, the sight of this, your reaction will be? So the question is, what happened? Events from the day before yesterday afternoon to noon yesterday, Xiu Lan City Garden District 1 Group No. 5 residents of the home generally out of red tap water, the guys are frightened, and quickly find the property, heating and water supply company Datang company to reflect the situation. (Huo Ruowen) water is the source of life, we can not live without water. Every day to turn on the tap, then the water, it is necessary to think of this water come from? Clean? Healthy? When you find your tap water is "a riot of colour", is a surprise or shock? Again, the outflow of tap water "red wine" do you dare to drink it? What’s going on, let’s see! Speculation in November 17th at 12 noon, the reporter came to the Xiu Lan City Garden 1 group 5 downstairs, see each unit door posted such a notice, saying "suspected of tap water and hot water exchanger water on Winter Music, a winter music please check, listen to the music there is no winter buzzing sound. The sound of themselves or contact the property." Residents of the home in the two unit to see a small stream of water, compared to residents recorded in the morning video, then tap water has basically become transparent. Another resident Ms. Wang told reporters, the water color is from 16 PM to 2 at the start, very dirty, as if with rust, "after the discovery of tap water turned red, our home people are afraid of water, began to buy bottled water from the supermarket, many residents have." (Huo Ruowen) the truth after representatives of residents and property plumbing for a morning heating water from door to door investigation, initially identified as the two unit of a household furniture is like winter music since the installation of hot water exchanger facilities have Water Leakage phenomenon caused by tap water is polluted, and the residents not at home, unable to open the door to check. Can not contact. In the afternoon, the reporter found a residential property department, a staff member said that he had just contacted the owner, and so he returned home and then make follow-up questions. (Huo Ruowen) tap water and hot water exchanger string water? What the hell is this? Xiao Bian said do not understand, then ask the next Baidu found the Baoding City Water Supply Corporation published the manuscript, dry cargo every heating period, Baoding city water supply company customer service center and the water quality test center often received complaints from customers, reflecting the tap water, heating, sewage and oil issues such as taste color it is often arch-criminal, heating heat exchanger installed by the people. Impact on the safety of drinking water safety of residents, Baoding city water supply company to remind the public to install carefully. Where does the pollution come from? Look at a piece of.相关的主题文章: