Three students died, the first telecommunications fraud was

Three students died, telecommunications fraud first temporary recently, Shandong, Guangdong and other places for three students by the telecommunications network fraud cases, causes the victim to death or Dutch act, at present three cases all cracked, 28 suspects were arrested. Police identified the suspect, the use of technical means to attack the Shandong 2016 college entrance examination online registration information system, including the theft of a large number of candidates, including Xu Yuyu. Shandong college student Song Zhenning cheated sudden death case, the suspect has identified the use of pseudo base station to send SMS fraud, lured the victim to the designated account transfer. According to reports, China engaged in telecommunications fraud related to the industry, the number of up to one million, there are research reports that the entire black industry chain annual output value of over one hundred billion. Previously, only know about public telecommunications fraud has formed a huge industrial chain, do not understand the specific operation, and three cases will be solved, this evil industry chain operation details clearly displayed. In the most typical case of Xu Yuyu which were criminals by hacking to steal the registration information, the suspect and fraudsters do not know, two gang suspects through the establishment of contact for selling data matchmaking chat group, in addition to the two group of people, but also people devoted to the sale of non real name fraud Gang mobile phone card. From these three cases can be found in the sale of personal information, access to tools and get the money and other telecommunications fraud fraud mainly on the link, it has shown a "enterprise" and "industrialization" features. This black chain for the three young people going away, no painful tragedy can be undone. How to eradicate this evil, let the innocent saved? Some people put forward some fundamental measures, such as strengthening the protection of personal information legislation. Indeed, the lack of personal information protection is an important reason leading to the proliferation of telecommunications fraud, but the law can solve the problem of the idea is too optimistic. The Internet technology and the economic and social development so far, personal basic information in various forms may be impossible to guard against leaking out, including business reselling, system vulnerabilities, virus attacks, theft of personal account etc.. A law to perfect, can not make up for the loopholes of data management, not to mention this black industry chain has tens of thousands of criminals, in order to reap huge profits, they always find legal regulations in the gap. The need to improve the legal governance of telecommunications fraud at the root of the problem, but the current need temporary, must take effective measures to resolutely curb the momentum of the high incidence of telecommunications fraud, let criminals pay, panic, through strong temporary action as the cure to gain time, find a way. Three cases of fraud caused serious consequences of the three students died, the case cracked suspects were all arrested, this result is gratifying, but to combat telecommunications fraud remains a daunting task. The first half of this year, China cracked telecommunications network fraud cases since 57 thousand, is 2.5 times last year, but the number of telecommunications fraud incidence in the country last year and nearly 600 thousand compared to a temporary action to. The public security organs should attach great importance to telecommunications fraud cases, involving both size to be as a criminal case, to continuously improve the ability to find criminal gangs, increasing hit.相关的主题文章: