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Home-Improvement If you are already tired of the spring bed mattress or palm bed mattress, why not take a try on the latex bed mattress, which is made from the natural latex and nowadays more and more popular among white collar group. However, before making the latex bed mattress purchase decision, you must firstly clearly know these advantages of latex bed mattress. If you are interested in this topic, related information is introduced in the following article. Firstly, it has the function of anti-mite and anti-bacterial to prevent allergies. As is known to all, the latex itself has the effect of fungi-proofing and dust proof so as to prevents bacteria from growing. According to the medical report, bed items such as pillows, blanket, bed mattress and so on are the best breeding ground for bacteria, dust and mites, however, the rubber tree egg white contained in the latex can effectively inhibit the bacteria and the potential allergen. Whats more, there is no static electricity and natural latex fragrance is diffused so that the too many mosquitoes are reluctant to close the bed mattress. Suggestion from medical specialist is that such latex bed mattress is especially suitable for people who suffer from the respiratory system diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis and so on for a long time. Secondly, good air permeability. There are countless small air bleeder with the net structure on the natural latex bed mattress so that it has the good performance on the air permeability. Just like the natural air-conditioning system, these countless small air bleeder can expel the heat diffused by human body and moisture to promote ventilation, at the same time, the air in the latex bed mattress would be kept fresh and healthy and in every season when lying on the bed mattress, you would always feel .fortable. Thirdly, it is beneficial to promote sleeping quality. When sleeping on the latex bed mattress, the land area is too much larger than that lying on the ordinary mattresses so as to decentralize the whole human body. Under such circumstance, all the parts of your body play the supporting role, which is helpful to correct the wrong sleeping posture. At the same time, the latex bed mattress has the high flexibility to meet the needs of different people at different weight. .pared with other spring bed mattress or palm bed mattress, when lying on it, there is no noise and vibration, which can effectively improve sleep quality. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: