This year, Guangdong court rulings case 210 thousand detained 1970 laolai

This year, Guangdong court rulings case 210 thousand detained 1970 "Laolai" Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Liu Guannan Pan Lingna) 22, the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s court convened the meeting, informed of the relevant situation of the implementation of the general summer war ". The reporter was informed that this year 1-8 month, the province’s court rulings case 210 thousand, the implementation of the subject amounted to 90 billion 588 million yuan, the implementation of the subject amounted to an increase of 2 times. Earlier this year, Zhou Qiang, President of the Supreme People’s Court on the two countries promised: to use two to three years, the basic implementation of the problem difficult to solve." Guangdong court assumed nearly 110 of the implementation of the national court case, in the implementation of the difficult task of fighting this heavy responsibility. Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s Court of Party and President Gong Jiali proposed the Guangdong situation, make snap implementation to solve a series of reform initiatives, and to carry out the deployment of the implementation of the summer for a period of 3 months "battle in the province". 1-8 months of this year, the province’s court rulings case 210 thousand, the implementation of the subject amounted to 90 billion 588 million yuan, an increase of 40% and 202% respectively. Among them, 6-8 this year, the province’s court rulings in cases of more than 110 thousand, than the previous May total 12 thousand, clearing the backlog into the fast lane". At present, the Guangdong Provincial High Court "point to point" check control system check and control the average daily amount to 40 thousand, a total of 1-8 months to complete the property investigation and control of 5 million 661 thousand and 300 pens, check to the bank deposit 259 billion 591 million yuan. At the end of August, the province’s Court of public exposure "Laolai" this year a total of up to 20988 people, to take measures for the detention of 1970 people, 325 people were fined, in 229 for refusing the implementation of effective judgment of the crime, transferred to public security organs for examination, a total of 15 people were prosecuted for criminal responsibility. In order to solve the difficulty in enforcement, Guangdong has taken a series of reform measures and linkage measures, including cooperation with the people’s Bank, the pending enforcement case information into the credit system of the people’s Bank, limit the debtor loans. Jieyang intermediate people’s court was due to be restricted loans, immediately take the initiative to pay 120 million yuan. In 2014 2015, the province’s court by the Immigration Department to implement surveillance measures executed about 2000. In addition, the province’s court by dishonest debtor to limit consumption, limited bidding, ban served as the legal representative and other measures, so that old Lai can’t do anything. In the typical case the judge rejected Wuguan was fined 100 thousand yuan because the debtor Sohn refused to carry into effect the judgment obligation, Baoan court decided the name of the property seized. Police officers to perform on-site seizure, presented the work certificate to the responsible for management of the District of Shenzhen a property company’s security requirements into the area. The property company said that in the case of contact with the owners can not let the court staff into the District, resulting in the court failed to complete the seizure of the property involved. Baoan court decided to make a fine of 100 thousand yuan for the property company. The company refused to accept the reconsideration decision and draw on the fine, Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court after examination to maintain the penalty decision, the company subsequently paid fines. C相关的主题文章: