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Sogou input method

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Xiaobian to tell you the reason


province (Zha Ji) is located in Xuancheng City, Jingxian County peach blossom pool under the jurisdiction of the village, is a national 4A level scenic spots, national key cultural relics protection units, Chinese historical and cultural village, Chinese traditional ancient village landscape village, Chinese.


province to check surname village has one thousand years of history, but the village because of the situation, greatly cloth into "people", "people" of the two foot two, Qinglong Huanglong Mountains, since ancient times, prosperous, talented people, Ming and Qing two generations of two academician, Wenwu Jinshi fourteen, and hundreds of lifts.


once the province has built four gate tower, one hundred and eight bridges, one hundred and eight Temple (Hall), one hundred and eight temples, houses are "flat. Often, the black hand, Zhao Di kiss with wedge towering, pretty, like a castle".


The time to evaluate the

passing of night since the province still left from the Yuan Dynasty to Qing Dynasty of ancient houses nearly two hundred, ancient building houses, ancestral temple, village gate, Guta Road, pavilion, arch, bridges, streets, temple, various style, each other, complement each other, and its rich culture, has a long history of dazzling.


in the ancient village in Huizhou Province, is a very special, it not only has the Huizhou architecture fenqiangdaiwa high house deep, yet the Jiangnan poetic Rouwan bridges. These historical buildings and the surrounding natural environment, forming a unique traditional cultural environment.


The surface water

mountains, streets, houses are interlinked, Xu Xi Cenxi, stony brook flowing through the village wear around into every household, the clear river Diego waterfall flowing along the river, well-proportioned built multi plate, stone bridge, stone bridge hole arch stone bridge, the houses on both sides of. The vicissitudes of the stone bridge, winding, looking like Jasper cross water, black tiles and bricks on both sides;