These technologies allow patients with colorectal cancer from fistula!


in January 9th, the 2016 National Science and Technology Awards Conference, the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University led colorectal surgery professor Wang Jianping’s team won the national science and technology progress prize two, the winning projects for the "anal function and sexual function in the treatment of rectal cancer protection key technological innovation and application based on".

professor Wang Jianping team award

I understand that there is an important technological innovation, achieve significant social value, for the progress of science and technology industry has a strong demonstration effect is the main condition for the national science and technology progress award, the research project of Professor Wang Jianping has what characteristics and advantages? Why won the National Award?

lasted 20 years, the establishment of a standard, the two technologies and a program

on the award speech, Professor Wang Jianping said: "the especially anal function and sexual function for the pursuit of quality of life of patients, our unremitting efforts for decades! "

fact, as one of the leaders in the field of domestic gastrointestinal surgery, research professor Wang Jianping has been committed to "function preserving surgery of rectal cancer and improve the quality of survival of patients, and has been emphasized and called for radical tumor on the basis of work, try to keep the patient’s energy, defecation and urination and other functions, and achieved very encouraging results.

after rectal cancer surgery has been referred to as everyone knows, the 1908 Miles proposed "cancer distal margin must be greater than 5 cm" operation principle, according to this standard, more than 70% of the patients with rectal cancer resection to the anus, lifelong wear artificial anal bag. In addition, due to the complex anatomy of the pelvic cavity and the complexity of the nerve, the traditional surgical method is easy to damage the nerve, leading to 80% of male patients with postoperative sexual dysfunction. Furthermore, with the widespread use of radiation therapy in advanced rectal cancer, rays can not avoid the testes and ovaries, which will result in the loss of fertility.

for the three clinical problems in the above research group, which lasted 20 years, around the function of rectal cancer protection, establish a standard, two technology and a plan to form a complete rectal cancer anal function, system function and key technology of preserving fertility.

1. proposed "2cm above the dentate line insurable anal rectal cancer" the new standard of operation.

Under the premise of not affecting the curative effect of

, the anus preserving rate of low rectal cancer was increased from 28.2% to 79.4%. "2cm anus new standard" was written into the seventh edition of the national textbooks "surgery", and by the Ministry of health "standard" and "diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer with straight;