These Maui Beaches Aim To

UnCategorized Whether you are local to Maui or a tourist, the Maui beaches are usually a destination location when you’re on the island. If you are into water activities, such as surfing, kayaking or just for a swim, Maui’s beaches offers it all, especially on these East Side and Central beaches. In addition, consider hiring a Maui wedding photographer to shoot your wedding ceremony or for your family portraits right there on the beach. East Side Maui Beaches Hana Beach Park – A favorite for both the locals and the tourists alike, Hana Beach Park is one of Maui’s more popular swimming locations. This beach is considered to be one of the best and safest beaches in which to swim and is home to many local events. Often Hana Beach Park is home to kayaking and surfing at the northern end, and offers a picnic pavilion, picnic tables, restrooms and a snack bar. H.A. Baldwin Beach Park – This clear blue-watered beach is great for bodysurfing and swimming, and also offers a "baby beach" that includes a lagoon. Picnic tables, restrooms and lifeguards are on-hand. Baldwin has a long stretch of grass that includes shady areas, which makes it a great place to lie down, relax and take in that Maui aura. As relaxing as Baldwin is, there are some precautions to be aware of. Often in the afternoons, strong winds have a tendency to arise, thus causing some strong currents in the ocean. In addition, the seafloor has a steep drop off point that can cause issues in the current for swimmers and surfers, causing them to be tossed around. Hookipa Beach Park – Hookipa is world renowned for its professional windsurfing contests and is considered the top place worldwide for windsurfing. Not exactly a place for beginners as the current can be.e extremely strong. For Maui photographers, there is a cliff that allows for a great view and background for your shots, and yet safe from the high surf; an excellent location for shooting photography. Hookipa is along the road to Hana, just northeast of Paia. In addition to windsurfing, there is a great little part for kids to swim at. It also offers such services as restrooms, showers, a sandy beach but with a rocky shoreline, picnic tables and parking lots are available. A word of caution, there are no lifeguards located here. Hamoa Beach – Selected in 2006 as one of "America’s Best Beaches," this beach is home to great bodysurfing and for swimming, however be aware as it does have some strong currents and there are no lifeguards at this beach. It does offer showers, but most other facilities are limited. Hamoa Beach has been referred to as the most beautiful beach in the Pacific by author James Michener. Wainapanapa State Park – Wainapanapa is great place for pitching up your tent for some Maui camping. In addition to the camping, Wainapanapa is an excellent place for snorkeling and swimming. Its 122.1 acres is also home to some of the best black sand around. Got little ones? Take them to the freshwater pools for their enjoyment. Adding to the activity list at Wainapanapa, the area is a great location for hiking with its volcanic coastline and trails that lead to Hana. Things to see here include Hala Forest, Heiau Temple, blow holes, sea stacks and more. Restrooms, showers and other amenities are available. Central Maui Beaches Kanaha Beach – Kanaha is known in the central area as being the beach of all beaches because it’s open to so many activities, such as surfing, outriggers, windsurfing, fishing, camping and more. A real favorite amongst the locals. Be sure to check with lifeguards each day as the conditions often change and what can start as a nice day can turn dangerous in certain situations. There are different areas of the beach specifically designed for the activity you are looking to do. For example there is a section for swimming, and yet kitesurfing is not allowed, etc. Kanaha also offers a smaller, safer area for young children to swim and play. The park here offers restrooms and showers, as well as picnic tables. Waiehu Beach Park – Waiehu is known as a beach for its fishing and its surfing. However, word to the wise would be to avoid surfing in the areas where the fishing has been taken place or you will find yourself surfing among the fish bait remains. In addition, watch for divers and try to avoid surfing too close to the mouths of the rivers, especially after having rainfall. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: