There is a big action Huang Zhang Meizu announced his back


2016 Meizu opened a total of 11 rounds of hair (Yan) cloth (Chang) will be released 14 products. There are a lot of Meizu users have spit bad hair (Yan) cloth (Chang) will be much better than the product". Meizu itself has also been noted that the problem, vowed to return to the heart of 2017. Now, Meizu chairman Huang Zhang (J.Wong) also announced that he will be back.

Huang Zhang Meizu announced his back in

In the post

Huang Zhang Meizu forum the day before, except in the post for the blessing, then said "I will build my dream back, to meet the 15 anniversary of meizu".

and kerosene are very excited about the comeback of J.Wong, have said they are looking forward to Meizu heavy products in this year. The design that Meizu yellow chapter will personally surgeon, it might.

in addition, yellow Meizu chapter in the annual meeting has pointed out, "the new year, we will return to the beginning of the heart, return of the product, the pursuit of our love, our dream, for our pursuit of love, dreams of the spirit to pouring our brand".

In fact,

, " in 2017; do honestly do products, marketing has become the Meizu " goal. Earlier Meizu President Bai Yongxiang, vice president at the media conference, said the return of the product will have been transferred to the.

while Bai Yongxiang and Li Nan on the 2017 product planning. Li Nan said, Meizu based on Qualcomm’s mobile phone is still relatively remote, in 2017 or MTK based, optimistic estimates will be released in the fourth quarter Qualcomm platform phone. For dual camera, hyperbolic screen, may follow the Qualcomm chip released together.