There are four kinds of manufacturing industry-kairui

I do not know the four kinds of karma for the Buddha about four kinds of karma or due the reason the South Putuo Temple Buddha gave four kinds of karma or due reasons, one is not the reason, and then from two; although is sensible, but not really believe, so mistakes; three is also clear science, faith, diligence, but worry lit, may be out of control, then make a mistake, sin and karma. The trouble is that I hate the heart is difficult to cure, it is difficult to control the greedy. Greed is slow and slow, slowly into the trap, it is difficult to extricate themselves. And I hate the heart is sudden, students may look up, some people hate heart kill, set fire to life. Our troubles are difficult to control, so mistakes, sin and karma; the last is a habit, the habit is wrong, sin in the imperceptibly, this is a string of Xi no beginning, also can say is a kind of habit, the habit of making mistakes and karma, do, later find. Buddha gave four reasons for sin and karma, so although you know or believe that karma is not good, not manufacturing. But sometimes the trouble is lit, may I curse; sometimes used up, may say some words, frivolous speech, lying, this is normal. If you have the determination to change, you will be able to make such a mistake again.相关的主题文章: