Then the Japanese team lol was hit in the face! Turkey division was swept out of IEM

Then the Japanese team LOL was hit in the face! Turkey division was swept missed IEM in the October 31st Paris International Exhibition in the game IEM wildcard qualifying, four wild card team will compete for two places in the Gyeonggi Do station IEM. Southeast Division team SJ beat 2-0 CIS division team Vega, Turkey division DP 2-0 team beat the Japanese team Rampage division, the final winner in the final DP team 2-0 defeated SJ team, took the lead in the first place Gyeonggi Do station IEM card. The Japanese team LOL Turkey division was swept out of IEM in the group of losers race today, Vega, Rampage and SJ teams will compete for the Gyeonggi Do IEM station last wild card qualifier. The current IEM Gyeonggi Do station has been determined by the team include: North American CLG, European G2, Marine Corps China IM corps, Taiwan JT team, DP team in Turkey and South Korea’s ROX corps, and as the host of the LCK League and an additional quota will be decided from the beginning of the November South Korea game Kespa cup Kespa cup, direct access to the places. Ozone rampage team IEM Gyeonggi Do races will be held on December 16-18, held in Gyeonggi Do, South Korea, the championship will take $25 thousand, and won the World Championships next year IEM Katowice station number. The Japanese team LOL team (source: 766 editors: BZ) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: