The world’s top comedy masters gathered in Shanghai to build Chinese and Western Beijing – the Mid A

The world’s top comedy masters gathered in Shanghai to build Chinese and Western Mid Autumn Festival in Beijing – new network in September 4 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Chen Jing) Paris balloon entertainment master Bidou super funny balloon show, master Robin created "super clown" grandma, conquer Broadway and London West of the new comedy "balloon romance", Germany Frankfurt entertainment the star wears bubble magic and barrow…… More than 50 world top comedy masters from the United States, Mexico, France, Argentina, Germany, Holland and other countries in the middle of this month will come to Shanghai, with "the world classic clown show", for the people to create a Chinese and Western of the mid autumn festival. It is reported that the event is one of Shanghai tourism shopping this year, one of the activities of Jiading. By then, the 20 countries of the world famous clown performing arts team, dozens of world famous clown performing artists, will bring a variety of different types of clown programs. Guinness world record creator of Frankfurt, Germany’s entertainment star "magic magic king" will join hands with the children of Shanghai world record. Qian Ye photo world clown Carnival will show no language barrier, Carnival without borders. According to reports, the upcoming World clown Carnival will be dedicated to show the unique clown makeup costumes, humorous comedy acts of art, improvisation of the creative scene. From the classical interpretation of the Western European clown family, children, friendship and other traditional happiness theme to the United States, the modern interpretation of humorous and funny clown and avant-garde fashion; including clown improvisation pantomime, stilts, magic, mask art, to open the stage comedy full of wit and humour, child centered clown interactive entertainment. Organizers said, wonderful performance for the people here are on the high standard of comedy art feast. According to reports, during the American comedy genius Michael? Saab and his performance team will bring "super balloon" and "pink", thrilling acting, stunning visual effects, will allow viewers to experience the stunning beauty; the world first-class acrobatics master Michael? "Mr Nath phantom show, will be full of creative human vision; master Robin’s" super clown grandma "clown show, joy and dreams, humor and tears perfect fusion. In addition, the famous European Dance Troupe "stilts will bring light and color" special show, the European clothing color and natural scenery. It is known that the show marked the "World Carnival clown" performances, will lead the people to enjoy the excitement and cool magic in the world. The world’s clown masters have performed in Shanghai, attracting a large audience. (map) Qian Ye photo, Shanghai organizers oasis Investment Holdings Limited 4, told reporters that these programs represent originated in the west of ancient Rome clown art form and style, different stages of development, reflects the world non traditional entertainment new level and global non traditional artists. Organizers also expressed the hope that these comic art peak, so that more people approached the clown art, through a variety of forms of interpretation, narrow the distance between people and comedy art; at the same time enrich the text相关的主题文章: