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The world ranking rose to sixth Ding Junhui Selby Ding Junhui successfully won a huge advantage still top sina sports news Beijing time on September 25th at 22:10 in the evening, the 2016 World Snooker Shanghai masters under the curtain fell on the Shanghai stadium, Ding Junhui beat Selby 10-6 won the second Shanghai masters trophy, the end of the 29 month ranked champion shortage, this is Ding Junhui occupation career the twelfth ranking tournament, equalling Robertson. Shanghai masters dropped the curtain means that the new season third ranking settlement point officially arrived, although Selby failed to achieve back-to-back ranking tournament champion, but still ranked first to 690650 pounds, Selby was blocked in the final door Bingham to 516534 pounds ranked second, two phase difference of 170 thousand pounds, and the next node European masters, British Open, international tournament in three place match, although the amount is very much, but after Selby Bingham still have great difficulty. The first round of the tournament in Shanghai was Maguire zero Murphy ranked third, the number of bonuses of $447308. Shanghai race to stop the top 16 Trump, Higgins points in the fourth, the 5, the number of the number of people just break through the two mark of the 400 thousand. The next node, two people still have a chance to compete to win the top ranks, after Ding Junhui returned to the ranks of the top 8 ranking, ranked sixth, bonus number is 376925 pounds, Robertson ranked seventh, bonus number 359582, Mark Alan was ranked eighth, behind Robertson 22990 pounds, Walton ranked ninth, bonus number is 312208 pounds O’Sullivan, Shanghai as the first game show season, although there are a large number of fans to support O’Sullivan, but the second round of poor performance, 2-5 lost to Holt, the ranking is still maintained at tenth, the number of bonus just exceeded 300 thousand mark, the first round of eligible players suffered a reversal of Perry and Fu Jiajun ranked in eleventh, 12, Mark – Williams ranked thirteenth, the new season of the Carter ranking rose to fourteenth, the number of bonus of 226200 pounds, Shanghai first round defeat of the defending Karen Wilson No. 15, behind Carter only 1026 pounds, the poor performance of the new season, the ranks of the Hawkins fell to the top of the list, the number of bonuses of $221525 to $sixteenth. The new season India champion McGill ranked seventeenth, bonus number close to 200 thousand pounds (197375 pounds), Yuan Sijun suffered a wild card game zero closure Gould ranked eighteenth, behind McGill 2816, Shanghai scored 4 game Maguire ranked nineteenth, bonus number just to break 190 thousand mark, three people have to rank 16 in the next a node before the competition, Liang Wenbo ranked twentieth, bonus number 179584, behind the sixteenth Hawkins more than 40 thousand pounds, to return to the top 16 very difficult. Chinese Teams, Zhou Yuelong forty-seventh, Xiao Guodong forty-ninth, Tian Pengfei fiftieth, Li Yu Delu ranked fifty-fourth, sixty-fourth, seventy-third Zhang Yong, Zhang anda Seventy-eighth, Shanghai scored 16 race Mei Xiwen rose to 85, Zhao Xintong ninety-fifth, Cao Yupeng 100th, Yan Bingtao 100th相关的主题文章: