The world 3 school reunion edition debut video with fawn (video) aspack

"The world 3" school reunion edition debut video with "the world 3 deer (micro-blog)" on the new version of the upcoming grand debut, heroes gathered in the wild will reignite the war! Peerless beauty with bridges, war with ten in smoke, Akachi wilderness, blew the school build order! The war we work together and concentrated, shed tears, Be There Or Be Square agreed! Yo yo Luming, eat wild apples, there are four seasons such as deer and wild Yi to accompany you, accompany you a smart, initiative, in the smart travel. The latest version also added new scripts, new gameplay subvert you wild past cognition, let you hey turn the school season, playing non-stop! New play: the world of landlords, let you in the wilderness in the fight so you can outsmart opponents, and your friends battle 17 shortage! The latest fashion and pop off front, with a handsome fashion, you are great pioneer fashion, leading the trend! The new horse wild more budding video yo yo Luming shock your senses, with the perfect blend of light music and pictures of the interpretation of the most charming and cute and beautiful, This matter should not be delayed! Watch the video!!!!!相关的主题文章: