The woman bought 1 kilograms of crabs have elastic half a catty of vendors – Beijing to farmers lightscape

The woman bought 1 kilograms of crabs have elastic half a catty of vendors: farmers to – Beijing recently, Lianyungang Lee bought five crabs, 45 yuan a pound. After returning home, Ms. Li from the rubber band crab legs remove as much as half a catty. Down conversion, the rubber band on the value of 25 yuan. Response: vendors are elastic crab farmers tied up, so businesses also can do sell. Reporter survey found, with a rubber band or rope tied crabs are common, but some businesses are in it playing the evil idea of common bands compared to the crab’s weight is not what, but after "unspoken rule" after the band "reborn", to become business profits, this the rubber band is rough, water is very good, taste great. Experts said that businesses have infringed the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, in violation of the relevant provisions of the "consumer protection law" article eighth, "consumers in the purchase of goods or receiving services, have the right to quality assurance, reasonable price, such as the correct measurement of fair trade conditions, the right to refuse compulsory transactions operator. How to save the "unspoken rules" crab? Experts suggest that industrial and commercial law enforcement agencies can be effective means to strictly crab weight, the provisions of a pound of crab, the bundle shall not exceed a certain weight, and the bundle shall not have water absorption. The method can emulate or sell crabs, crab weight after the scene said after binding, thus removing the net weight. Can also directly inform consumers, the crab is a rubber band tied price, not tied to the rubber band crab another outside of a unit price, so that consumers enjoy the right to know. According to the people’s network相关的主题文章: