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"The whole world" by Deng Chao Zhang Tianai exposed the new trailer for "tearful" – Sohu entertainment at the end, Mao chicken and small Chen on the radio at the end Chen surprised at Mao chicken [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment Zhang Jiajia original screenplay, directed by Zhang Yibai, starring Deng Chao, Bai Baihe, Zhang Tianai, Yang Yang guest starred in Yue Yunpeng, cuckoo, Liu Yan starred in the movie "passing from your world" on September 29th, the National Archives released. The day before, the film side issued a "loving" trailer, Deng Chao Zhang Tian’ai cuckoo in the station and Biao play the same stage, tears make the audience impressed, but for Deng Chao’s performance, so the audience shouted "Deng Chao is too deep".     Deng Chao DJ praised the deep interpretation of lonely audience like Deng Chao too deep "movie" passing from your world "following the announcement of" PigHead love "and" litchi I love you "two CP after the announcement, recently issued a" loving "trailer, Deng Chao, and Zhang Tianai. Biao play the same stage, the relationship between the three surfaced. With Strauss’s "Chunzhisheng waltz", Deng Chao’s "Taiwan ratings last" radio DJ Chen at the end of facial features appeared, careless and casual Chen at the end of the radio laughing image accentuates. And with the end of the anger shouting!" No, cello, Bach: "1 Overture" music sounded slowly, in Zhang Tianai’s young chicken and Rhododendron as small words, Chen at the end of the lonely side slowly revealed, "before the end of Chen can warm so many lonely soul, just now, he is the most lonely". After a series of conflicts in the picture, Deng Chao changed the trailer to show the "cheap Xixi" image, soulful appeared in front of the audience, "love a person, but her eyes are not what, even hurt, also tried desperately to persuade yourself, hold, if you do not live in my heart," he said, "my body" of Deng Chao to show you the one and only a lonely end Chen DJ. Deng Chao played Chen end depicts a typical lonely people in the city, although every day to help listeners, help my brothers to solve problems, but in fact he is the most confused and lonely one, zuipin, humor just to hide his grief. Director Zhang Yibai Chen once said "at the end of his own face with a variety of packaging armor, with poor, cheap, Poguanposhuai state to talk rubbish, conceal his heart, when he was alone, in fact, can see a lonely". The original writer Zhang Jiajia also believe that to put such a collection of happiness and sorrow play the role is very difficult, "the role of Deng Chao, it is important to compare the characters inside the original sadness and happiness, hope and despair of the comparison, two different colors to his performances, Deng Chao the perfect interpretation of this feeling". Zhang Tianai cuckoo presents different urban women three story "expose the reality of love" in the movie "passing from your world", Zhang Tianai played a timid radio intern Mao chicken, always silent.相关的主题文章: