The warm-up match Beijing Shougang beat South Korea KCC Marbury behind Duan Jiangpeng-didadi

The warm-up match Beijing Shougang beat South Korea KCC Marbury behind Duan Jiangpeng Marbury behind Duan Jiangpeng sina sports news Beijing on October 9th news, Beijing men’s basketball team and League KCC team in a warm-up match, Beijing team to the final 107-94 victory over the opponent. The game has also become the first team to join the Beijing team Duan Jiangpeng, talking about their own play, Duan Jiangpeng said: we are very selfless play, the ball is also very smooth transfer, who will have the opportunity to play. There are many opportunities, but it depends on whether we can hold. At present, three points on their own is not satisfied, the total feeling is not particularly good condition." Maurice was pleased with Duan Jiangpeng’s performance. He is very good, can help me very well. He’s a good pitcher, and he can break through and pass. He’s a great help to me and the coaching staff. Maurice said, "I’m glad he can join us, he needs to know how to fit into our system. As long as he learns, he will be great." Marbury said: "Duan Jiangpeng came to Beijing, which is a great help to us. He can break, but also can be taken in the vacancy." After the summer training, the Beijing team has made great progress. Marbury said: "Zhang Songtao has made a lot of progress, Fang also played more aggressive, in the position of the defender, which is what we need, we need him to be more modest. Maurice played well, he shot in the game time. I think everything is going to be fine. It’s fine now, but we still have a lot of work to do." (wave God)相关的主题文章: