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The villagers died in March before the cancer was stopped in the village residents said the disagreement policy original title: cancer died in March before the villagers were stopped in the village called low because they do not comply with the policy in October 31st, Yangxin County Labor Zhen former Zhoucun villagers, the villagers of the Zhou Xingsan family is very difficult, the wife of Zhou Xingsan for the disabled, the son is in college, because of the economy difficulties, Zhou Xingsan enjoy minimal assurance policy. At the beginning of this year, Zhou Xingsan was diagnosed with advanced cancer, and died in the end of October. But what is puzzling is that in July of this year, Zhou Xingsan’s subsistence allowances suddenly stopped, and did not receive any written instructions. Villagers suffering from cancer, died three months before the residents were stopped suddenly "the family is very unfortunate, Zhou Xingsan earlier when the family was poor, married disabled Mute Wife, now children are in college, tuition fees owed. Zhou Xingsan was found at the beginning of this year Disasters pile up on one another., terminal cancer treatment after a period of time, finally failed to retain people." The former Zhoucun villagers, although the family is very difficult, but a family of three to work, never slack too negative. I found a lot of places, and so on for a long time, and finally in 2013 to apply for a minimum of the father’s down, this is to let the family life a little protection." October 31st, Zhou Xingsan’s son said that in September of this year, he took his father to save the deposit passbook to raise money, the bank was informed that no money can be raised in the passbook. The back to the village to ask, did not know his father’s subsistence was stopped early in July. The village told me that it is not in line with the relevant policies, which was stopped." Zhou Xingsan’s son introduced, although his father’s subsistence allowances were stopped, but then to his mother for a minimum of. Therefore, you can continue to receive low premiums. In August this year, the father of illness, Zhou Xingsan’s son had to drop off home to take care of his father. "Some time ago, the house was not built on the debt, the father of medical treatment and borrowed new debt, tuition is still in arrears. My father was buried the money is relative error." The village’s subsistence allowances policy may be some places need to rectify and regulate, so as to protect the insured, the insurance should not be determined not to protect, do not let the real need to help the needy people can not get help." A former villager in Zhoucun, the former Zhoucun, there may be some non-standard irregularities, I hope the relevant departments to carry out supervision and inspection, to eliminate some of the bad behavior. Work: the town government for villagers in the process of living death, living in October 31st has been handled for the deceased wife, Lao Zhen a surnamed Lu staff, taking into account the actual situation of the Zhou Xingsan family, the wife wanted to apply for subsistence allowances. However, due to the spirit of Zhou Xingsan’s wife is not very normal, safe, on the basis of the consent of Zhou Xing three I agree on the basis of the beneficiaries will be written in the week of Xing Xing three, which is a humane protection measures. "In the superior department of low households, found that Zhou Xingsan, eventually changed his wife. At that time, we do not know Zhou Xingsan has been suffering from advanced cancer, but considering the actual situation of his family, we are starting to apply for subsistence allowances for Zhou Xingsan, but in the application process, Zhou Xing three unfortunately died." The surname staff said, Peng相关的主题文章: