The village Party Secretary forgery cheat 5 million 180 thousand demolition buy wedding room – son S-musiland

The village Party Secretary forgery cheat 5 million 180 thousand demolition buy wedding room – son Sohu news of JINGWAH Times News (reporter Yang Fenglin) Changping District Nan Shao Zhen Bei Shao wa Cun, the former branch secretary Li Huasheng together with the unemployed woman Wang, forged in the land lease contract management means and the fictional facts, cheat 518 yuan demolition. Wang received 100 thousand yuan from the benefits, the remaining demolition was used to buy his son Li Huasheng marriage room, to the whistleblower sealing fee, etc.. The reporter learned yesterday, in July 26th this year, the city intermediate people’s Court of First Instance sentenced Li Huasheng to 11 years imprisonment for 6 months, and fined 600 thousand yuan; sentenced Wang to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 5 years, and fined 100 thousand yuan. False materials cheat money at the age of 51, Li Huasheng, the only junior high school level, in December 24, 2012 began to hold Wacun Party branch secretary Nan Shao Zhen Bei shao. Wang, 31 years old, due to business dealings with Li Huasheng acquaintance. The court found that from 2013 to 2014, Li Huasheng used his office to assist the government in the North South Shao Zhen Shao wa Cun, compensation for the demolition work, through forged land lease contract, fictitious business facts, cheat a total of more than 518 Yuan National relocation compensation funds. Among them, Li Huasheng Wang knowingly cheat relocation compensation funds are still in Li Huasheng’s instigation, participating in a land lease contract and cooperation agreement, and to be the name of the demolition of the Beijing Mingjia Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as medi-care company) signed "non residential demolition compensation agreement", after the share of proceeds of 100 thousand yuan. Minimum for his son to buy a wedding room in the 8 acres of land located in the north shore Wa village south, the villagers Zhang in 2008 leased the 8 acres of land, and signed a 5 year contract with the village committee. In early 2013, Zhang rented land is facing demolition, Li Huasheng did not want to rent the land to zhang. Li Huasheng said, "because I and Wang familiar, but also as a secretary, I was able to ensure that Wang obedient, offered to take her for me to rent the land, also promised to give her some benefits after the demolition, Wang agreed." Li Huasheng on behalf of the North Shao Shao village and Wang signed a land lease contract, by the hands of the king of the village to pay the land involved in the rent of 40 thousand yuan, and find someone on the land to build houses waiting for demolition. In order to obtain the suspension of business compensation, Li Huasheng also spent 400 thousand yuan royalties, borrowing other companies business license, to prove the existence of production and management activities on the land of these 8 acres. After more than 518 yuan to get the demolition of the money, Li Huasheng gave Wang a $100 thousand benefit, but also with a $1 million to his son to buy a marriage room, 150 thousand yuan to buy a garage daughter, lend a friend of $500 thousand. Li Huasheng said after the incident, did not have any money for more than and 10 years, the family is not rich". Violation of the procedure to cover the official seal Li Huasheng incident due to report. Prior to the land involved in the case of Zhang Zhang, Li Huasheng was involved in the demolition of the plot to ask for money, after being rejected, Zhang repeatedly wrote to the Discipline Inspection Commission to report to Li Huasheng. Zhang said in his testimony, he was involved in the lease of land, Li Huasheng, who signed the contract on the lease, and covered with North Shao village committee members.相关的主题文章: