The truth my humble sign a white but Remao cancer (Figure)

The truth: my humble sign a white but Remao cancer (Figure) cancer every day about my dinner, watching movies, walking, give me the red envelopes, specially drove me to buy snacks, morning pick me up from work. I feel so happy, he said the results you just take me as a friend…… Sina 393055007@qq users love to say to my humble table with a white Sina constellation is angry with my cancer cancer this year with friends about self driving travel knowledge, not to start love to travel back together about a dinner and a movie with friends is 3 people together, because no intermediate contact the busy work, to May and 4 personal friends about a trip, because the other side is a couple, the 2 of us will become a natural combination, all the way for me to take care of, after coming back, we began to separate about the dinner, watching movies, walking, basically a 7 days a week, 5 days together. Now is not a popular red envelopes, every day to me, although the amount is very small, playing mahjong to win the money is also divided into half of me, the weekend I know at home, but also specifically to take me to a very far place to buy snacks. His birthday was about his friend a group of people to eat, I cannot go to work overtime, then I work until midnight to meet me, I said only with his 12 points, as long as I work overtime, he’s okay to pick me also all touched my head, I don’t wear a skirt too short, what. Later, we have to travel alone outside. But from the beginning, he is not willing to tell the friends travel together with us, we are together every day, I told him to talk with friends, he also said that just take me as a friend. My colleagues said he was fishing for me, and I later asked him, what we do, but also made him angry.相关的主题文章: