The Truth About Ab

There are two exercises that people gravitate towards to lose weight – some form of running/jogging/walking and abdominal exercises. This is also particularly true when a person is trying to get rid of belly fat. I want to clarify this for people because ab workouts are one of the poorest fat burning exercises when you are trying to lose weight! When It Is Useful: The only time it is really useful is in three occasions: You are an athlete and trying to improve performance. Most of my clients are not athletes. They are regular people that cannot lose weight. The other reason is if you are in some kind of physical rehabilitation and need to do abdominal exercises to rehabilitate. You are a fitness model or body-builder that is trying to increase definition and develop the musculature of their midsection for this purpose. When It Comes to Weight Loss: But for weight loss, ab workouts will not give you much result. Especially when you compare it with the exercises I will lay out for you. If you read the Belly Fat section on my site you will see that belly fat is comprised of two basic kinds of fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat is right under the skin but visceral fat is within the abdominal muscle cavity. Exercise to Lose Belly Fat: There are exercises that will strip the belly fat and they fall into two categories: Intense Resistance Compound Exercises and High Intensity Interval Training. These are the two types of exercise that strip the belly fat away. You can read about them on their respective pages on my site if you’d like. Though these are the best exercises to lose belly fat, you also have to look at your current fitness level. If you have not worked out in a long time or a short jog leaves you winded, or especially if you have adrenal fatigue, then by all means start with something light such as low intensity interval training and build up to resistance workouts that are comprised of Compound Exercises. Myth of Spot Reduction: There is an idea called spot reduction. It is the idea that if you exercise a certain muscle the fat in that area will reduce. This is another myth. That is like saying if you do bicep curls on the right arm, you will lose fat on the right bicep or if you chew on the right side of your mouth you will lose fat on the right side of the face. For most of you, you are just trying to lose weight, focus on that first. Then, when your body fat percentage gets to about 20 – 15%, then you can start to look at what is the best ab workout for you or the best abdominal exercises for you. I hope this clears up some confusions and leads you in a more direct path to your weight loss. If you are trying to lose belly fat, go to the "Belly Fat" Page and you will find the basics on it there. 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