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Travel-and-Leisure 1. Airlie Castle This beautiful fifteenth century castle is built from striking pink sandstone, and occupies a dramatic position overlooking the beautiful Angus Glens. It"s easy to get to from the majority of Perthshire hotels, and makes for a fascinating day out during a trip to this picturesque county. The castle has even been preserved in popular song, with its history forming the lyrical inspiration for a ballad entitled "The Bonnie Hoose o"Airlie". 2. Balvaird Castle Located in the barren region known as the Ochil Hills, the castle at Balvaird presents a striking figure against this desolate landscape. There are numerous myths and legends attached to the castle and the surrounding area, and not far from here you"ll be able to visit Loch Lomond, rumoured to be home to an ancient aquatic monster! 3. Burleigh Castle Located in the vicinity of Perth and Kinross, this red sandstone castle boasts a wide moat, and a number of dramatic towers. It was built in the fifteenth century, and remained in the possession of the Balfour family for many centuries after. The castle lies a little way east of the town of Milnathort, and is said to have been visited on a number of occasions by King James IV. 4. Elcho Castle This remarkably well-preserved sixteenth century castle can be found at Easter Elcho, an ancient settlement on the banks of the River Tay. It adheres to the classic French design of a "Z"-shaped castle, with a tower at either end of the zig-zag. In this way it was built to be easier to defend; this seems to hold true, as the castle has managed to remain in perfect condition throughout centuries of local warfare. 5. Loch Leven Castle The historic Loch Leven Castle stands on an island in the centre of Loch Leven, and can only be reached by taking a boat across from Kinross. This important site is now under the care of "Historic Scotland", the same group who manage the magnificent castle in Edinburgh" not to mention Balmoral Castle, which you can visit during a stay at any Ballater hotel . Loch Leven Castle has long played an important role in Scotland"s history, and it was here that Mary Queen of Scots was briefly imprisoned, after being forced to abdicate as monarch of Scotland, in the late sixteenth century. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: