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The thief in the dresser and the couple were injured threatening to jump – the Sohu news recently, Xuzhou occurred in the thief burglary, a young man disguised as women climbing burglary, unexpectedly just woke up in the host, after a fight, the thief will stab the hero, but was come to the support of the hostess uniform. The thief tried to jump, but the hostess was thrown around, firmly in control. In September 27th, Xuzhou Quanshan police executed the arrest of burglary man. Modern Express reporter Liu Qingxiang Li Weihao of Nanjing ZAKER thief burglary or dresser in the early morning of September 12th, a district of Xuzhou, the 11 floor attic. It is understood that the homeowner in the roof capped a few attic, not installed anti-theft window, did not want to fall into the convenience of thieves. That night, the hostess Ms. sun (Surname) lived downstairs, Mr. Wang (Surname) living in the attic. Late at night, Mr. Wang was awakened by the noise, looked inside the house even more of a figure, immediately came to scold. Unexpectedly, he suddenly took hold of carry a dagger to Mr. wang. The thief is obviously well prepared, wearing women’s clothes, wearing a wig, but rengaomada looks very strong. Mr. Wang to be caught off guard was stabbed, screamed and struggled to support the lover, and fight the thief, in this process, multiple injuries. Ms. sun also just lie down soon, hear my lover for help, get out of bed quickly ran into the kitchen, picked up a kitchen knife and rushed up to the attic. The two men and women lost the thief threatened to jump from one to two, Ms. sun couple quickly took the upper hand. The thief was also destroyed in the hands of the dagger, there are many scratches on the body. The thief did not dare to fight, but no escape, in desperation to ride on the window frame, threatening to jump. Fighting sound, cry for help cause the attention of the neighbors, many people ran downstairs to see, found a man sitting on a window on the 11 floor. Ms. Sun said that if the thief jumped down from the window, almost no chance to escape, he is highly likely. The thief saw no escape, but that he cornered, Ms. Sun said hurriedly: "there are so good that you down, we let you go." Want to look for opportunities in order to stabilize the thief uniforms. Then, downstairs neighbor shouted to attract the attention of the thief, Ms. sun to see when he heads to the outside, suddenly approached a waist tightly, his mouth shouting "quick alarm, the thief to kill". Neighbors also came to support the thief was soon controlled neighbors quickly arrived, together with the thief control, waiting for the arrival of the police. Then after inspection found that there is a blood in Mr. Wang’s neck, multiple injuries. We hurried to help him stop bleeding, and sent to the hospital. Today, Mr. Wang is still in hospital for treatment, no life-threatening. "At first, I thought that the thief was a woman, but it was a lot of effort, and the voice was male." Ms. sun said. It is understood that the suspect had engaged in anti-theft window installation work, Ms. sun also installed in the living area, are very familiar with the terrain, floors, and strong climbing ability is relatively strong, so we wanted to get through the burglary.相关的主题文章: