The snow! Much of the temperature below the freezing point of the latest version of the map to the S-lightscape

The snow! Much of the temperature below the freezing point of the latest version of the map to the long johns – Sohu news with a strength of cold air around the recent debut, buddy felt the chill, and "when your mother calling you to wear long johns". These days, the north is snow, wind blowing and cooling at. Look at "long johns warning" map, according to the situation timely add warm clothing! Much of the north wind blowing, cool snow is fierce yesterday, China in the eastern part of Northwest China, Western Inner Mongolia, North China, Huang Huai most of the northeast and other places in central and Southern are covered by rain and snow, the small to moderate rain (snow). Today, the Middle East will be a wide range of cooling, Guizhou, Hunan and other parts of the decline of up to 10 degrees celsius. Southwest, JAC and other places are still more rain, Yunnan local heavy rain. The Central Meteorological Observatory predicted the next two days, North Central, northeast South, southwest, JAC, southern, northern Southern China and other places have 4-8 degrees of cooling, which, in some areas of central and southern Guizhou, southwestern Hunan and other places of the temperature can reach more than 10 DEG C. In addition, some areas in eastern and southern southwest, Jianghan, JAC, South West and other places have moderate to heavy rain, the Sichuan basin south, North and central Yunnan, Eastern Taiwan, local heavy rain. Long johns will be fully occupy the northern day although more and more cold, but wearing or not wearing long johns, there may not be a unified standard. Many people say that 0 degrees to the north to consider wearing long johns, often accompanied by cool wind, 5 C 0 C in the basic sense under the cold. Small to the daily minimum temperature dropped to 5 degrees below the standard as to wear long johns, statistics found that long johns debut in North China has a wide range of! According to the October 1st -27 and October 28th -11 temperature live 2 August temperature forecast drawing since October this year, under the influence of a pick a cold air temperature in the north, significantly lower, northwest Inner Mongolia and the Midwest, northeast and other places have broken the zero temperature, the lowest temperature in most parts of North China have generally fallen below 5 DEG C presumably, these local friends have to wear long johns. Recently, the impact of cold air in our country is more active, the end of October to early November. These days, the minimum temperature of 5 degrees line will move south to Huaihe, close to the Qinling Mountains line, the map will be fully covered in North Long johns. The small partners also didn’t wear long johns, especially in Shandong, Henan, Shaanxi and other places to find Long Johns, buddy, wearing long johns! In Xinjiang, Eastern Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, a long johns have been difficult to stop biting cold, cotton padded trousers debut. The party long johns began active long johns Jun annual autumn winter season out of the brush sense of presence in the frost is a solar term, brush the sense of rhythm. According to the climate statistics 1981-2010, generally by the end of October, most of northern China including Northeast China, northwest and North China, the average minimum temperature is below 5 DEG C. This time the lowest temperature basically stable at 5 DEG C, the party began large-scale debut long johns. That is to say, "solar term most likely to start active during long johns party. Don’t wear long johns can lead to arthritis? Rumor! Rumor.相关的主题文章: