The second batch of projects focused on signing into the cool music West high speed.

The second batch of projects focused on signing into the cool music West high speed into the column Sichuan online news (reporter Wu Jing) in November 4th, the state-owned enterprises into cold and aid to the second joint meeting held in Liangshan. At the meeting, the province’s second batch of state-owned enterprises into the cool project focused on signing a total of contracted projects of 4, the investment amount of more than 150 billion yuan. 4 contracted projects involving major transportation infrastructure, the comprehensive utilization of new energy, health tourism and other fields. Among them, the provincial investment group and Liangshan government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will fully support the "size of 2016-2018 in Liangshan area of highway and waterway transportation construction plan" and the implementation of poverty alleviation, help Liangshan to speed up the South regional integrated transport hub construction Sichuan channels, including national and provincial trunk highway, rail transportation, airport navigation etc. number of major transport infrastructure projects, will focus on the recent G5 Shanghai Huang expressway reconstruction, should climb, Xi Zhao, Yong Hui, Le west highway project cooperation. According to reports, in January this year, our province the first batch of state-owned enterprises "into the cool" project contract, signed a total of 14 strategic cooperation agreement, covering hydropower, mineral resources, tourism, city construction and other fields, the investment amounted to 110 billion yuan. 14 projects in Sichuan, the development of a strategic stake in Liangshan electric power company, equity can commercial banks, and Yuexi County Enbo hydropower development company cooperation, Sichuan Brigade Group acquired 3 stake in Xichang Golden Bridge Hotel project has been completed, the investment amounted to 1 billion 540 million. The other 11 projects, including the development of Sichuan mining development projects, Qionghai project, the Yalong River Basin water scenery, clean energy project investment group can create Liangshan quality tourism projects is accelerating. In addition to the major projects to promote, in terms of helping the village, Sichuan state owned system also organized 18 households in 10 counties in central enterprises and state-owned enterprises helping their counterparts in Liangshan Yi area, focus on helping 20 poor village twinning 874 poor households, this year has invested 34 million 210 thousand yuan, in the development of village economy, the construction of infrastructure, education, helping twinning and carried out 101 aid projects. Provincial SASAC responsible person, the joint meeting is not only the state-owned enterprises into the cool phase of the experience of helping counterparts, but also for the deployment of the next phase of work. Next, the project will be forced to establish mechanisms to strengthen supervision of the project under construction, to ensure completion on schedule. In the village helping work, the provincial SASAC enterprise system will add 20 extreme poverty village, the task of helping their counterparts in the 6 year plan, do the work of helping the village poverty alleviation foundation, will strengthen the new 20 extremely poor village efforts to ensure the timely completion of the task of poverty alleviation. A week infraredimages: Mianyang police take away a 15 year old woman slipped Yinwo among the smallest network transmission Deyang Xiao spicy AIDS police to check the source of Sichuan is a microcosm of the world as Sichuan people proud of powerful Chengdu Beauty College muscles but also to the world championships in Sichuan super handsome white teacher Gao Yan value of popular network相关的主题文章: