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The science fiction film "captive" set "planet of the apes" director Rupert director Zhang Jing – Sohu entertainment Rupert Vajta will direct "captive Sohu" entertainment news (text Da son) had a super sci-fi blockbuster "rise of the planet of the apes" in the famous Hollywood manic Rupert Vajta (Rupert Wyatt), after the movie circle of silence two days before finally finalized a film shooting plan: he will start shooting this year in the science fiction film "captive" (Captive State). The film script written by the wife and Erica Burney together, has entered the preparatory stage. Rupert Wayete in the "rise of the planet of the apes" to the pinnacle of life, 2014 and Mark Wahlberg cooperation action film "underwhelming gambler", after they have been not filming. In the past two years, he filmed a TV drama "the Exorcist", the drama has not yet aired. Rupert Vajta is the director once was selected as the "emperor" brand comic blockbuster, but because of the time reason eventually gave up the film. "Captive" is one of his most valued projects. "Captive" has not yet been disclosed to the outside world any information about the story, but the preparatory work and the work of the election has been secretly launched. The film is not a super big production, but the story is still very attractive selling point. After all, from the time the "rise of the planet of the apes" standard, Rupert Vajta does have the ability to master the science fiction genre. "Captive" will be the fastest in 2017 was put on the shooting schedule, the second half of 2018 landed in North American cinemas.相关的主题文章: