The rise of Chengdu FHC

The up regulation of Chengdu holding international day credit rating before the announcement, transferred to the Chengdu financial holding group limited subject and related debt credit rating. CCXI pointed out that Chengdu gold as an important control operation of the main state-owned capital Chengdu City, the financial sector, the integration of regional financial resources on behalf of the local government, supported by Chengdu municipal government. In 2015, the Chengdu municipal government transferred the 300 million shares of Chengdu agricultural commercial bank to the company, and the investment income of the company’s banking sector may further increase. The company in Sichuan Province as the only financial investment industry, state-owned enterprises and financial licenses as well as the western region of Sichuan where most of the financial holding company, banking, financing guarantees, small loans, financial leasing, property insurance, venture investment and asset management industry. According to the relevant documents of the local government, the company will be invested as a representative of the Chengdu municipal government investor to establish Sichuan credit re Company limited by guarantee. At the same time, the Chengdu Finance Bureau entrusts the company to set up the subsidiary company specially to invest on behalf of the Chengdu municipal government, establishes the Chengdu industry investment guidance fund, needs the funds by the Chengdu Finance Bureau forms the capital to the company by the capital form. Taking the company as the main body to undertake and lead the above projects reflects the important position of the company in the financial field of Chengdu. With the smooth progress of the above matters, the company’s business line is expected to be further improved, the capital strength has increased. CCXI also pointed out that with the financial and real estate projects gradually completed, Chengdu holding financial and real estate investment scale will be gradually reduced, the future capital expenditure is expected to reduce the pressure. In summary, CCXI decided to Chengdu holding main credit rating from AA+ to AAA, the rating outlook is stable; the 12 Chengdu SiHCl debt debt credit rating from AA+ to AAA. (Zhang Qinfeng) go into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

中诚信上调成都金控评级    中诚信国际日前发布公告,调升成都金融控股集团有限公司主体及相关债项信用等级。    中诚信国际指出,成都金控作为成都市金融领域国有资本的重要运营主体,代表地方政府整合区域金融资源,得到了成都市政府的大力支持。2015年,成都市政府将成都农商行3亿股股权划转给公司,公司银行板块投资收益可能进一步增加。公司作为四川省唯一以金融投资为主业的国有企业并作为四川乃至西部地区金融牌照最多的地方金融控股公司,业务涉及银行、融资担保、小额贷款、融资租赁、财产保险、创业投资以及资产管理等行业。根据地方政府相关文件,公司将作为成都市政府出资人代表出资组建四川省信用再担保有限公司。同时,成都市财政局委托公司专门设立子公司代表成都市政府出资,设立成都市产业投资引导基金,所需资金由成都市财政局以资本金形式向公司划拨。以公司作为主体承接并主导以上项目,体现了公司在成都金融领域的重要地位。随着以上事项的顺利推进,公司的业务条线有望进一步健全,资本实力有所增强。    中诚信国际并指出,随着金融地产项目逐渐完工,成都金控金融地产投资规模将逐步缩减,未来资本支出压力有望减小。    综上,中诚信国际决定将成都金控主体信用等级由AA+调升至AAA,评级展望为稳定;将“12蓉投控债”的债项信用等级由AA+调升至AAA。(张勤峰) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: