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The rich in love lost and a real Bentley cleaner (Figure) – Sohu news court will be awarded the house Greta. Xinhua news agency, British millionaire John Hawkins? When the girlfriend or the cleaners fall in love with each other, Xiangche mansion for his girlfriend one offer, but failed to fruition will break up. For 650 thousand pounds of property for the 62 year old Hawkins and 47 year old Greta? Schoeni Aus Kate met in 2004, when the latter is London’s National Portrait Gallery. Fall in love, Hawkins for her lavish, gave her a Bentley car, and expensive clothes and jewelry, everywhere holiday together in Hertfordshire, Spain and the United States home, also let the plumbing heating enterprises under their own name to his girlfriend with a 9.3 Wan Yingbang (about 891 thousand yuan) a year of course, the light is not working that money. Sweet time regardless of you and me, in 2013 when they parted fighting. The dispute is the main focus in Hertfordshire, purchased a market value of 650 thousand pounds (6 million 228 thousand yuan) of the property who. When buyers wrote the woman’s name, but later, Shoufu loans and the maintenance costs are paid Hawkins a person. He told the British "Daily Mail", then write the woman’s name is for the convenience of the loan. The judge according to the evidence provided by both parties finally determine the property to all. The judge said that the relationship between the two years, Hawkins Schoeni Aus Kate has always been to "very generous", he is the real estate money can be regarded as a "gift" generous "men". (Yan Jie)

英国富豪爱上清洁工 赔了宾利又搭房(图)-搜狐新闻 法院将房子判给了格蕾塔。   新华社电 英国百万富豪约翰?霍金斯在女友还是清洁工的时候爱上对方,香车豪宅为女友一一奉上,可惜未能修成正果就分手。   争65万英镑房产   现年62岁的霍金斯与47岁的格蕾塔?舍尼奥斯凯特相识于2004年,当时后者是伦敦国家肖像画廊的清洁工。陷入热恋后,霍金斯对女友出手阔绰,送她一辆宾利车,以及价值不菲的时装和珠宝,到处度假,又一起在英国赫特福德郡以及西班牙和美国置产,还让自己名下的水暖供热企业给女友开一份9.3万英镑(约合89.1万元人民币)的年薪,当然是光领钱不干活的那种。   甜蜜的时候不分你我,2013年分手时就起争执了。争执焦点主要是在赫特福德郡购置的一套市值65万英镑(622.8万元人民币)的房产归谁。   购房时写了女方的名字,但首付、后来的贷款以及各项养护费用都是霍金斯一人支付。他告诉英国《每日邮报》,当时写女方名字是为了贷款方便。   法官根据双方提供的证据最后判定,房产归女方所有。法官说,两人多年的关系中,霍金斯一贯对舍尼奥斯凯特“极其慷慨”,他为那套房产所花的钱可以看成是一位“慷慨”男士的“礼物”。   (闫洁)相关的主题文章: