The price of gold fell to a week low break recent consolidation still field force! spyair

The price of gold fell to a week low break recent consolidation still "field force"! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: the price of gold fell to a week low break recent consolidation still "field force"! Gold is often seen as an alternative investment in geopolitical and financial turmoil. The United States presidential debate over, because Hilary in the first round of debate is better, the support rate rise, the market will tend to maintain the status quo as Hilary is the candidate most of Trump after the election of American foreign policy, international trade and domestic economic impact is what is not clear. The latest polls show Hilary 4 percentage points ahead of the support of an electorate of 41%. Market risk will increase, to benefit the stock market and the dollar, gold was suppressed. The United States presidential election in the first round of the end of the debate, the market risk sentiment cooling, the dollar index rebounded, the highest hit 95.67, two trading days highs. Gold continued on a trading day decline, fell to a week low of $1322.49 an ounce, due to market risk aversion and a stronger dollar. Gold is expected to remain weak shocks in the short term, waiting for the Fed chairman Yellen speech and durable goods orders. Tuesday’s U.S. consumer confidence data Fisher positive, fed vice chairman Stanley Fischer (hawkish remarks boost the dollar, while the impact of dollar denominated commodities demand, the gold price to break the recent consolidation trend requires further momentum. The next focus of the market is the United States in August durable goods orders data and Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen in the House Financial Services Committee of the semi annual congressional testimony, will provide a direction for the short-term trend of gold. ABN AMRO commodity strategist Georgette Boele said, overall, the market sentiment has no support for gold. Popularity has deteriorated. Stronger dollar against the price of gold. Gold prices fluctuate within a narrow range of $1300-1350, this trend may continue, due to the lack of significant news. Concerns about the German bank temporarily subsided also put pressure on gold. Germany time weekly said, the German government is studying the Deutsche Bank emergency plan. Deutsche Bank shares rebounded more than 3% on Wednesday. This week the Fed chairman Yellen will join many Fed officials speaking, the market worried about Yellen and other officials may maintain the amount before the hawkish wording, to further pave the way at the end of the interest rate, in addition with the Fed for tightening monetary policy, the central bank and other [micro-blog] is on the loose material, the dollar has strengthened, put pressure on the price of gold. But on the other hand, before the presidential debates, the city layout of the long and short positions are not very intense, a more neutral situation, but the factors caused the U.S. presidential election risk preference trading likely in the near future gold prices under pressure, but if the volatility, the price of gold may achieve upward breakthrough. Pupil factors of stalemate, so the price of gold trend shocks will probably continue (already on相关的主题文章: