The Premier League 2-0 victory over Everton in West Ham Chelsea escapement Saints (video)

The Premier League 2-0 victory over Everton in West Ham Chelsea [collection] escapement saints Everton 2-0 Lukaku Barkley West Ham should respectively Everton win at West Ham Tencent sports news October 31st Beijing time October 31st morning, 2016-17 Premier League season tenth round continues, Everton main field 2-0 Liqin West Ham, Lukaku was shot, Barkley accomplishment; Chelsea (data) 2-0 away Liqin Southampton, ah Zal was shot, Costa waves in the world. The arrow Everton 2-0 Everton to Lukaku from West Ham, Barkley and Mirallas behind Bo Tracy wings, gaje and Barry in midfield. West Ham, Antonio guest center front, LAN Qini and paillet behind Nobel and Obiang in midfield, Kouyate, Reed and ogbonna construct 3 defender system. Twelfth minutes, paillet cross, Obiang in the restricted area of the face of Roberts’s right foot tuishe hit fly. Then Renzini pass, Roberts paillet right foot shot, rescue. Fifteenth minutes, Paye pass, Fernandes left foot outside the door was blocked. Twenty-second minutes, paillet pick, LAN Qini on the left side of the penalty area defender goalkeeper hit a small angle of attack. Twenty-sixth minutes, Oviedo left the bottom line pass, Barkley 12 yards back foot Gongmen Adrian flashed out. Thirty-eighth minutes pass in the corner, Mira LAS, Murray in the area of high Yueqi header Gongmen top side. Easy side battles, fiftieth minutes, Barkley ball, Coleman line of area left foot volley, Adrian throws the ball fell to the ground, then follow Borasi speed fell to the ground in front of Lukaku header into the top gate, 1-0! This is Luca this season seventh League goals. Fifty-ninth minutes, Antonio left oblique hanging box, blue Qini header top side. Sixtieth minutes, West Ham Andre replaced Obiang Ayub, an injured back after 2 months. Sixty-eighth minutes, Antonio restricted area before the wonderful plug gap, Andre Ayub front foot tapping the door blocked the area. Seventy-first minutes, Ariza for Fernandes. Seventy-sixth minutes, Everton play fast counter, Lukaku right Luneiqie box pass in the left foot, the far post follow Barkley left foot low shot, 2-0! It was Barkley’s second league goal of the new season. Eighty-ninth minutes, at the right pass, Lukaku Dianshe Adrian’s follow up face was saved. Finally Everton home court beat West Ham United 2-0 first win in 6 games. Everton (4231):1- Roberts 23-, Coleman 5-, Williams 25-, Oviedo 17-, 20- Murray gaje 18- Barry 14- Borasi (6- 83′, jiajierka) 8- Barkley (12- Lennon 87′), Mirallas 11- (15- Clavet Leigh 72′) 10- (3421): Lukaku West Ham 13- Adrian 8- Kouyate, 2- Reed, 21- 31- Fernandes ogbonna (11-, 71′, 16-, Ariza) Nobel Obiang (14- 20- Andre 60′, 3- 10- Keleisiweier Ayoubi) Renzini (7- feghouli)相关的主题文章: